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US Health Reform Appears in form of Health Insurance Mandate

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US Health Reform Appears in form of Health Insurance Mandate

US Health Reform Appears in form of Health Insurance Mandate

The Congress has decided to formulate a new health insurance mandate and put it into force by the end of the year 2009. This mandate requires that all the residents of the nation must have health insurance coverage. It is now being viewed that the health care reform task of United States, has put its first feet in the country in form of this mandate initially. Although, it is believed that the mandate will help the poor and the ill to get coverage, but many opposes it saying that it will pressurize those people who are incapable of affording the coverage. This article explains all the features of the mandate along with various controversies relating it.

Finally the proposition of a new health insurance mandate has let to the birth of hopes of millions of citizens residing in the United States. It is believed that this mandate is a section of the health care reform task, which was scheduled for the country. The mandate makes it obligatory for all the residents of the country to buy health insurance coverage. The US House of Representatives proclaimed this on March 26, 2009 and also commented that the Congress anticipates passing the mandate by the end of 2009.

However, Steny Hoyer, the House Majority Leader, refused to remark about the exact operation of the mandate. It is still unclear that whether the health insurance mandate will make it obligatory to buy insurance for the individuals, or will apply to the employers to purchase insurance policies, or whether it will apply to both the parities.

Several House commissions are employed in crafting the legislation, in order to renovate the American health care system which is worth $2.5 trillion. It is being done steadily in order to combat the rising health care expenses and bring an approximated population of 46 million uninsured residents of the country under coverage. Hoyer has also offered his assistance to support the implementation of the initiative.

The obligation to purchase health insurance policies is being looked upon as much prospective by the insurance industry. Many experts remark that this mandate will allow the insurance providers to offer insurance coverage at the most inexpensive rates to the poor and the ill patients. Plus, it will also permit them to terminate the 'tradition' of leaving out coverage for prefixed stipulations and demanding lofty premiums from the sick and low-income residents.

Several legislators from both the groups have shown their aversion to the proposal of enforcing health insurance mandate on the people, who will not be able to afford the insurance premiums.

The President of the United States, Barak Obama is also against the implementation of the mandate and this notion of the president was proved during his campaign for democratic presidential election in the year 2008. Alternatively, the president's adversary; the present Secretary of the State, Hillary Clinton has supported the mandate.

Hoyer remarked that the Congress-based Democrats expect a governmental proposal to be component of a blend of insurance preferences, accessible by the people. However, the Republicans stood against this suggestion of the Democrats and the insurance providers, who doubts about its incompetency to contend against a public health care plan.

Hoyer although stressed the necessity of a public health care plan but didn't remark anything about the exact structure of the plan. On behalf, he confirmed that the Democrats will sit with the Republicans in order to tackle the issue.

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