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US President Barack Obama supports Health Care Modification

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US President Barack Obama supports Health Care Modification

US President Barack Obama supports Health Care Modification

The present President of the United States, Barack Obama is on full determination to achieve health care modification in the country. He has forwarded various propositions, by which most of the people of the country will be able to avail healthcare coverage. This article discusses the matter in details. It also attempts to evaluate the requirement of healthcare improvement in the country and what is being done to achieve that.

At the time of his campaign, current US President Barack Obama took an oath to increase the accessibility of healthcare coverage to every people and modify the health care condition of the country. Initial clues imply that, regardless of having a poor financial system or maybe for the reason of that; he aims to maintain his oath.

In the oath taking ceremony that occurred on January, 2009, the new and 44th US president Obama expressed his assurance for health care improvement of the country. His assurance and planningís for health care modification was commended by many health care policy directors. It was decided that the designation of the Secretary of Health and Human Services will be assigned to Tom Daschle. It has to be mentioned that Daschle is heading the presidentís administrations recently formed White House Office of Health Reform. It is expected that a ground-breaking health care policy will be made for the people, which will turn out to be much more advantageous than the previous policies.

Previously in the month of January 2009, President Obama forwarded a financial incentive strategy that places health care as the basis of economic expansion and recuperation. At the time of the campaign, Obama marked health care modification as the area of ultimate concern. He also prioritized financial recuperation just after health care modification.

Surveys conducted all over the country by the Harvard School of Public Health and the Kaiser Family Foundation infers that the residents of the United States prefer to view the attempts made for modifying health care condition of the country. About 73% of the people voted for revival of the financial system of the country, whereas 48% of the people opted for health care modification.

The health care policy specialists are encouraging a complete modification. As per a latest study carried out by the Commonwealth Fund (a non-profit seeking organization) on health care idea formulators it was found that 92% of the specialists support the fact that those citizens, who canít avail health insurance through their recruiters or through Medicaid; can get permission to buy healthcare policy via a national health insurance company. President Obama also recommended the same.

Nevertheless, the study also portrayed high differences of public views on the issue of expansion of healthcare coverage. 47% of the people agreed to make extra payment for the increase of the accessibility of healthcare coverage for all, whereas 49% people refused paying extra.

As per President Obamaís propositions, the standard and big companyísí recruiters, who will not provide healthcare coverage to their workers, will have to pay a levy in order to finance the coverage. Obama also vowed to increase the eligibility criteria of the SCHIP (State Children's Health Insurance Program) and Medicaid so that more people can have healthcare coverage. He also assured to design a policy that will assist people (who are not able to comply with the eligibility criteria of health insurance or cannot avail healthcare policies from their employers) to get coverage. This new plan will be similar to that of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program.

The re-approval and proposal to increase eligibility criteria of SCHIP was already passed by the House of Representatives earlier in January 2009. Even the Senate Finance Committee gave their consent for the same.

Not only had this but Obama also promised to handle other areas as a part of his health care modification assignments. He proposed for cutting down the unnecessary expenses and enhancing the standard of healthcare in the country. Few of these propositions were pre-inserted into Obamaís financial incentive strategy worth $825 billion, which was exposed in front of the House Democrats, previously in January 2009. Obama pledged to store $20 billion from this plan package for assisting the countryís physicians and hospitals to store and process their patientsí medical data and about $3 billion for precautionary care services. A sum of $87 billion will be used to support the Medicaid plans of the state, which are staggering in the middle of keen requirement for services.

The presidentís resolutions in combination with the bipartisan headship on health improvement and modification issue have lightened up hopes, in the hearts of all people residing in the United States. As, the former governmental attempts were unsuccessful on the similar issue, so strict measures are taken to emerge as victorious this time.

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