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Various arguments regarding Flu Shots

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Various arguments regarding Flu Shots

Various arguments regarding Flu Shots

With the coming of the winter season, there sounds the siren of the attack of viruses, germs and bacteria in the environment. In order to escape the infections, brought by these disease causing organisms, people take adequate precautionary measures. One of these common procedures is to take a yearly flu shot that seems to guarantee a protection from getting infected by influenza -one of the dangerous diseases caused by these germs and viruses. But recently, various confusions have copped up regarding the flu shots. Now the question remains, that whether it is really important to have a flu shot, or one can simply avoid getting it this year?

The functions of a Flu Shot

A flu shot is generally an injection that contains a dead flu virus. When a flu shot is given to a human being it makes them invulnerable to influenza. The flu shot though contains the remnants of a dead flu virus; it doesn’t contaminate the human body but reinforces the human immune system against other flu viruses and germs.

Advantages of the Flu Shot

  • A flu shot minimizes the human body’s vulnerability to flu viruses and germs by 25%.
  • A flu shot reduces the amount of days that is misplaced at work owing to flu by 36%.
  • It has been found that a flu shot minimizes the total amount of deaths that is caused by influenza. It points to the fact that aged people or sick people may get relieved from having influenza when a flu shot is given to them.

Causes for which people are voting against Flu Shots

  • A little amount of mercury is required to prepare a flu shot that is detrimental for the brain. From the various reports and studies that have been conducted so far, it has been established that on having 5 flu shots in a row, a human being develops a 10X high probability of having Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Many flu shots may have residues of cancer and leukemia viruses which are used for preparing the shot. It has been reported that even upon repeated filtering these residues cannot be eliminated completely thus causing harm to the patient.
  • Some flu shots may contain elements of pork that is used for making it. So it is entirely unacceptable for those who are restricted from consuming pork anyhow either for health concerns or for religious issues.

Ideal patients for flu shots

Patients who suffer from Diabetes or any other Chronic Illness are considered as ideal patients to whom flu shots can be applied. They are found to ward off influenza successfully.

People for whom Flu Shots are restricted

  • Flu shots are made on the embryo of chicken in the laboratory. That is why those people who have allergy towards chicken and its eggs should not take flu shots.
  • People, who are healthy to resist an influenza contamination with no trouble, need not require a flu shot. They can search for further means to enhance their immune structures.


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