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Array of Insurance from Americom Life and Annuity

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Array of Insurance from Americom Life and Annuity

Array of Insurance from Americom Life and Annuity

Americom Life and Annuity is a trusted name in the life insurance industry and is a part of the Old Mutual group of companies, New York’s Guarantee Life insurance organization and Fidelity group of companies. These entire networks of companies are effectively serving customers since years with better life insurance products. At present, Americom Life and Annuity along with all these network companies has more than 758,000 operational life insurance plans and has assets worth 22.9 billion dollars.

In the year 2004, Americom Life and Annuity was able to release its first insurance policy in the market, when the Old Mutual group collaborated with the Legacy Marketing, a national association of life insurance providers. The life insurance policies of Americom Life and Annuity are underwritten for pension plan investors belonging to the medium budget level and also for the prospective term insurance customers.

Although, Americom Life and Annuity has commenced its journey in the insurance industry recently, by releasing the first insurance policy in 2004, but within a short time it was able to establish itself in this field. This is because it has a stable financial existence and traditional business values that owes their origin long back in 1845. The mother company has its headquarters located at London is a recognized Fortune 500 organization, and is actively engaged in global banking and insurance business.

Americom Life and Annuity and its partner companies are the associates of the internationally famous Insurance Marketplace Standards Association, the council that promotes the continuance of justice, truthfulness and reliability among its various member insurance companies. Americom Life and Annuity strictly upholds this concept of integrity and loyalty as one of its principles and conducts its business operations accordingly. That is why they have a satisfied clientele who rely wholeheartedly on the company’s insurance and support services.

The company has its main buildings located at 12900-Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park in the State of Kansas (ZIP CODE: 6621). It is Rated A- that indicates its stable presence in the market. It offers a wide array of life insurance products that provide more benefits to the customers at really affordable prices.

Americom Life and Annuity specializes in offering a huge variety of term life insurance policies such as:

  • It provides term plans which are available for twenty and thirty term duration. These policies assure the protection of the sum of premium for a period of 10 years
  • Purchase term plans are available for individuals who are from 25 to 65 years of age
  • Discretionary benefits provisions for an extra premium
  • Money Back on few premiums along with restoration of premium provisions and reductions of premium provisions
  • The option for plan renewal for an individual of up to 95 years of age
  • Balanced premium plans
  • Accidental death benefit options
  • Reduction of premiums for those who have become completely disabled
  • Lowest sum of face value is $100,000
  • A range of Mortgage-security products

Americom Life and Annuity is not authorized to do business in all states of the country and so all its plans and products including every coverage benefits may not be accessible to the residents of each and every states of USA. However, customers and investors can contact the licensed agents of Americom Life and Annuity to know which particular products are available in their state and purchase them.

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