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Best Insurance Options from Aetna

Best Insurance Options from Aetna

Among the different life insurance companies that are present in the United States, Aetna is the most well-known for offering the best life insurance policies. It deals in a large variety of life insurance plans like the general life insurance, dental care plans, group plans, prescription drug coverage, disability insurance, pharmacy and long term care policies.

Since 1850, Aetna is operating in the life insurance market and from that time till now, it is serving all its members very dedicatedly. When it comes to group life insurance coverage, the employers of different small and large companies seek Aetna’s group insurance plans to offer them to their employees. This is because Aetna offers group life plans that are reasonable in price and provides the best coverage.

Aetna’s life insurance plans are very much cost-effective and are also affordable by all. Presently, it serves around 13.6 million customers throughout the nation. Individuals, families and self-employed people rely on Aetna for sufficing their life care requirements.

Aetna offers its group life insurance plans to the employers of around 50 states. In the year 2005, the company made a turnover of 22.5 billion dollars and the figure is soaring up till date. Aetna offers 3 kinds of group plans. They are as follows:

  • Group disability insurance plans: it offers earning substitute for long term and short term disability
  • Renewable term life insurance: with the sum of money associated or set to the income level
  • Long-term care insurance: offering benefits for the expenses incurred for long term life care services (like nursing home care, at-home care and others.)

The Aetna group of companies comprises of the Chickering Group, Strategic Resource Company and ActiveHealth Management. Since years, the company has gained reputation because of its outstanding claims processing history and customer satisfaction. This is the reason for which new customers rely wholeheartedly on Aetna for buying life insurance products.

Awards bagged by Aetna

Aetna has bagged the Stevie Award in the year 2004 for showing remarkable improvement in business turnaround. Also, in the year 2005, Aetna was ranked second in the Most Admired Companies category of Fortune. Plus, it also got different other awards for various other categories.

Aetna, a Rated A life insurance company aims in catering to the requirements of its clients through its exceptional products, by delivering unconditional customer support services and by offering self-explanatory information. The outcome of their tasks is in fact a huge variety of insurance benefits that makes it different from other life insurance companies. Aetna offers 3 stages of benefits. These are as follows:

  • Group Insurance (consisting of long-term care insurance plans, group disability coverage and group life plans).
  • Large Case Pension segment (consisting of a wide range of retirement plans such as pension and annuity benefit plans, contribution policies etc.)
  • Healthcare section (consisting of dental and health plans)

Aetna operates from its main headquarters at 151-Farmington Avenue in Hartford, in the state of Connecticut, ZIP: 06156.


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