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Economical Insurance Plans from American Mayflower

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Economical Insurance Plans from American Mayflower

Economical Insurance Plans from American Mayflower

One of the leading life insurance companies of New York City is American Mayflower, which has gradually made its name in the whole of New York and other states of the country. It was found in the year 1964 and was formerly known as Animal Insurance organization of America. Years later after it was founded, another insurance company by the name of First Colony insurance bought it and now it is known by the name of American Mayflower.

American Mayflower has been authorized to trade in the states of Florida, Maryland, New Jersey, Virginia, Connecticut, and Rhode Island and also in different cities of New York. At present, the company conducts 95% of its business in the state of New York and the remaining trade in other states of the nation. Today, First Colony and GE Finance jointly own American Mayflower insurance company and it exists as an ancillary organization under these two companies.

Recent statistical researches show that American Mayflower possesses above 9.5 billion dollars of operational life insurance plans in New York alone. The company has assets that are worth above 800 million dollars. Such a strong financial status of the company in the insurance market is due to its stable relationship with the customers that has developed over the years.

American Mayflower is mainly reputed for dealing in universal and term life insurance products. Its term life insurance consists of various features such as:

  • These types of insurance plans can be purchased by people who have attained 75 years of age or less than that.
  • The term life insurance plans are available in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 30 year term duration.
  • Customers who are between the age group of 50 and 55 years can avail short term plans for sufficing short term requirements like trade loans, mortgages etc.
  • All the term life insurance plans come with assured amount of premiums till the entire duration of the term.
  • After the duration of the term is completed, the sum of premiums will rise annually until the policyholder attains the age of 80 years.
  • The policyholder has the option to change the insurance plan into a permanent life insurance tailored for similar reason.
  • Permanent life insurance policies come with the similar conditions but their rates of premiums are higher than that of the term life insurance policies.
  • Those who are not addicted to smoking, possess a fine driving history and sound health records (having no traces of diabetes, cancer, lower levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, non-drug addicted, no hereditary problems that indicate premature death of the applicant), can own term life insurance plans by paying lower premiums. This is because; American Mayflower reduces the premium rates if the applicants meet such conditions.

American Mayflower is a Rated A life insurance company that offers unique health care options at cost-effective prices. Not only this, it offers life insurance plans that are truly affordable by many people. Customers who have purchased American Mayflower life insurance products have always appreciated the services offered by the plans. Each life policy of American Mayflower offers huge benefits that suffice the requirements of the customers. Every policyholder is entitled to avail year round support offered by the company.

The company has its headquarters at 622-Third Avenue (3rd Floor) in New York City in the state of New York (ZIP: 1001).

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