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Exclusive Insurance Plans from American Life Direct

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Exclusive Insurance Plans from American Life Direct

Exclusive Insurance Plans from American Life Direct

Spectrum Direct, a leading life insurance broker is the sole owner of American Life Direct, a distinct name in the insurance industry. In fact, the former company controls the operations and dealings of American Life Direct. This life insurance company markets its heath plans via online and issues quick insurance quotes and medical insurance plans. The life insurance policies of American Life Direct are countersigned jointly by two largest life insurance companies, namely; American Life and Jefferson National.

American Life Direct has its headquarters located at 27881 La Paz, Suite G-157 in Laguna Niguel, in the state of California (ZIP CODE: 92677). Since years, it is known for trading exclusive medical insurance programs through an advanced online setup, which has been configured to aid the supervision and sale of life insurance plans.

The company is mainly known for offering term life insurance equal to $150,000 through the internet. The customers are not asked to undergo any type of medical tests upon application for life insurance coverage. Insurance is offered instantly to eligible candidates, only upon complete verification of the candidate’s application. Every customer is allowed to receive a complete refund of their money within a period of 30 days from the date of approval, if they are not satisfied with the coverage.

Spectrum Direct, which owns and regulates American Life Direct, was established in the year 1986. Since its inception in the insurance market, it has dedicated itself in assisting people to understand insurance facts and to enable them avail suitable life insurance policies for themselves. It has collaborated with many other insurance companies, in order to offer the best insurance plans to suite each customers needs. It has expanded its insurance services with the aid of American Life Direct, in order to allow more number of people to have access to life insurance.

Spectrum Direct allows customers to quickly compare the different available life insurance plans, thus eradicating the pain of doing heavy research in the internet. Once, customers find their ideal life insurance plan, it offers them the online infrastructure of American Life Direct in order to enable them to apply for the plan. In addition to this, customers are also provided the details of the company’s authorized agents, who can guide them throughout the insurance application and approval procedure.

Jefferson National is a renowned life insurance organization established in 1937. It is proficient in dealing in long-term life insurance products and has made a name of itself in the similar field. It is licensed to conduct its insurance business in District of Columbia and also in 50 states of the country, including the New York state. Since decades, Jefferson National has specialized in offering excellent investment solutions and health care services to all its members. It is a completely owned ancillary division of Inviva, Inc.

The company has teamed up with American Life Direct in order to allow customers to avail the best insurance solutions. It is the underwriter of the different life insurance plans that are marketed by American Life Direct. Jefferson National facilitates the online application procedure of this company and thus, saves the customers from filling out bulky application forms to avail insurance coverage. Hence, with the support of all these above-mentioned companies, American Life Direct continues to offer affordable plans and efficient customer care services nationwide.

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