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Multiples Benefits from American United Life plans

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Multiples Benefits from American United Life plans

Multiples Benefits from American United Life plans

American United Life, also commonly known as AUL is one of the oldest and reputed life insurance companies of the United States, which has mastered in offering some of the most exclusive life insurance options. It is one of the founders and an ancillary company of OneAmerica Financial Inc. There are several other ancillary life insurance companies that belong under the same community such as Cherokee National, Pioneer Mutual, State Life, Moulton Inc, and others.

American United Life was founded in the year 1877 and till today it is delivering its unconditional health care services to all its members. It has been authorized to trade in District of Columbia plus 49 states of the nation. The company has assets that is worth 11.5 billion dollars and has operational life insurance policies that are worth 223.7 billion dollars. This indicates the financial strength of the company in the insurance market.

American United Life along with many of its associate companies provide retirement solutions, pension plans, long-term health care indemnity coverage, credit insurance, life insurance plans for individuals, groups, labor unions and many others. Besides this, the company also deals in universal, whole life and term life insurance plans.

There are many group term life insurance plans that are provided by American United Life. These products are either employee funded or employer funded. These group term plans have some distinctive features that makes them a worth purchase. These plans come with:

  • Accidental death coverage
  • Dependant benefits
  • Payroll deductible option
  • Member death reimbursement
  • Categorization for Usage of Tobacco
  • Assured issue payments
  • Flexible registration facility
  • Extension of life insurance facility
  • Face Values equal to 500,000 dollars

The individual term life insurance plans of American United Life have also many fascinating features such as:

  • They generally come with 10, 15, 20 year duration premium options
  • Any individual between the age group of 18 and 80 years, can avail these plans on the basis of the duration of coverage opted for.
  • These plans have assured renewable options available for people up to 95 years of age.
  • Individuals who have attained or are below 70 years of age, can change their life insurance plans to permanent life insurance coverage policies.
  • American United Life sometimes minimizes the rates of premiums (conditions apply) for offering coverage to children.

It is a Rated A insurance organizations and has its headquarters located at One America Sq. in Indianapolis in the state of Indiana (ZIP: 46206-0368). It offers life insurance plans that are reasonably priced so that every customer can own a plan for themselves and for their families.

Special mention must be made about the member support services of American United Life. The company offers the same assistance to all; no matter they are new customers or the existing ones. Due to this reason, the number of customers for its life insurance products is increasing daily in a stupendous manner.

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