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Protect yourself with Aflac Life Insurance

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Protect yourself with Aflac Life Insurance

Protect yourself with Aflac Life Insurance

The American Life Assurance Company, also commonly known as Aflac Life Insurance Company was established in the year 1955, with an aim to provide life insurance services to a largest population of the country. Today, Aflac is famous for offering a wide range of accident insurance and life insurance policies. It has more than 60,000 authorized representatives working in different parts of the country and serving above 40 million customers throughout the nation.

Aflac has assets worth over 56 billion dollars and has made a turnover of above 14.4 billion dollars in the year 2005. From such figures one can easily estimate its financial status in the insurance industry. The company is stationed at 932-Wynnton Road in Columbus in the state of Georgia (ZIP CODE: 31999), from where it carries on its operations.

Coverage and Products of Aflac

Apart from selling accident insurance plans at cost-effective prices, Aflac also deals in term life insurance, family insurance coverage and in whole life insurance plans catering to particular health care requirements of customers. A majority of its life plans guarantees a maximum coverage equal to $200,000 throughout the entire lifetime of a person. But those customers, who are above 50 years of age, are eligible to avail maximum lifetime coverage equal to $100,000.

Aflac life insurance plans and products are available to you only after you fill up the application form, along with the questionnaire that comes with it. It doesnít require you to pass any medical test for availing coverage. This allows many people to access insurance coverage without facing any complications. Completely disabled people are entitled to get reductions premiums. All these factors make Aflac the best place to avail life insurance.

Ratings and Awards obtained by Aflac

Aflac is a Rated A+ insurance company still working with an objective; and it is to allow people of every budget to avail life insurance. Most of its life insurance policies are available at reasonable rates thereby allowing each customer to have access to insurance.

Aflacís goal is to merge insistent planned marketing techniques with superior services and products at economical rates, in order to offer the finest of insurance benefits to the clients. This is evident in the quality of products it serves. Aflac truly believes that their business will then only prosper only if its employees are taken care of.

Since the year 2004 onwards, Aflac has been honored with many awards because of the quality of life insurance products it has, excellent customer care services and its contributions for the development of the health care condition of the nation. In the year 2006, Aflac managed to get enlisted in the "The 100 Best Companies to Work For in America" category of Fortune magazine for the 8th time in a row. Similarly it managed to include itself among the list of leading life insurance companies, as spoken of by the LATINA Style, ESSENCE, ComputerWorld, Fortune and several other popular magazines.

The strength of Aflac lies in the kind of services it offers to all its members. Not only it processes the claims of customers in time, but it also solves their queries regarding life insurance plans. Because of offering such a comprehensive support, it has gained huge respect and acknowledgement from all its customers.

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