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Bridge Playing indicates a Powerful Persuasive Old Age

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Bridge Playing indicates a Powerful Persuasive Old Age

Bridge Playing indicates a Powerful Persuasive Old Age

Visit Laguna Woods, a retirement community in Los Angeles and you are sure to find a group of elderly ladies playing bridge at the card room. They are all in the age group of above 65 years and at their age you can't treat this as an auxiliary activity.

“Card playing is the motto of our life and it keeps us moving” - a catchword for most of the aged who are dispensing their life at the world's biggest health and mental acuity centre. Playing bridge is a means of their daily solace & challenge.

It is seen that more than one in two hundred of the group have crossed the age of 90 without showing any hint of dementia. This group of what is called a 'super memory' club is sufficient to prove the idea of lucid brain even at the farthest reach of human life. This view should be enough to ignite the intellect of the researchers in upholding mental acuteness to the end.

Some neurologists judge this behavioural attribute as a positive mental activity that keeps our mind challenging. A social connection is a crucial factor to maintain such mental activities. Studies on aged persons reveal the fact that people who expend long hours in such mental activities like playing cards are at minimal risk to develop dementia. The fact is that all these events are in experimental states. It must be noted here that it has not yet been proved that such mental activities improve the sharpness of mind.

The studies also unveil the fact that individual after 90 do not become less active. It is observed that for the one out of 600 people who reach 95, sixty percent of the women and forty percent of the men are diagnosed with dementia. Further studies disclose the fact that some kinds of genes are responsible in helping individuals to remain lucid even with brains that indicates Alzheimer's disease. A large number of researchers are experimenting with events like executing genetic tests, tracking mental activities, collecting blood samples and even carrying out post-mortem analysis of the brain. Researchers at the University of California maintain a brain bank to store a lot of specimens.

The behavioral habits of Laguna residents prove the fact that new memories pass away rapidly in dementia cases. One of the unique features of Laguna Woods is that the residents can test & diagnose each other on the basis of watchful observation. On the basis of this observation the residents have learned to differentiate among various kinds of memory loss that can otherwise easily is manageable if properly handled.

Studies uncover the fact that diet & physical exercises affect the retention capacity of the brain after one reaches 90. Some scientists reason that mental activities like playing crossword puzzles and studying books can slow the arrival of dementia symptoms. They also argue that social activities like interaction with one's closed ones can reduce the chances of dementia in an appreciable magnitude. Psychologists have observed that in isolation, even a healthy mind can easily become alienated. They suggest that a regular interaction with people can enhance the memory retention capacity of an aged, even if he/she has crossed 90.

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