Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance Industry Paid Over $8.5 Billion in Claims

Many survey report claims that the countryís long-term care insurance providers paid over $8.5 billion in claims to almost 279,000 policyholders in last year (2016).

Grand total of all the benefits paid to claimants surged by more than 6% and the number of LTC insured on claim increased by about 19,500. As of 2015, a total claim of roughly $8.15 billion being paid to more than 250,000 claimants.

The number of LTC claimants, who have received LTC benefits against their respective LTC policies, increased by about 8%. Without having an insurance policy to pay some or all the costs caregiving to senior spouses or adult children of the ageing parents is not possible.

Itís much more than sheer money that a LTC policy provides. Itís like having choices and control over protecting your retirement plans. People who are thinking whether itís a careful move should understand that purchasing at least some amount of long-term care in place lets their dear one care about them, rather being insisted to care for their wellbeing.

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