Short-Term Care Insurance

Many insurance companies including the topnotch ones, nowadays, offer a special type of coverage called as ‘short-term care’. Quickhealthinsurance offers quotes for short-term care insurance from various insurers.

What is a Short-Term Care Insurance Policy?

A conventional short-term care insurance or STCi policy provides coverage for a maximum of one year. To many insured, this is perfect and reasonable amount of coverage. Though some claims last for so many years, half of the STC claims last for one year or even less.

Most of the policies have a zero-day deductible (elimination period) along with a full year of insurance benefits. It denotes that the STCi policy pays on the very first day someone qualifies for the insurance benefits. On the contrast, typical long-term care insurance (more than 90%) are traded with a ninety-day deductible and that should be met prior to the benefits are paid.

It is pertinent to know that unlike typical long-term care insurance policy (LTC) which is not allowed to pay in addition to a Medicare plan, STCi policies may pay along with a Medicare.

Generally STC applications contain 8 to 10 health related questions. If your answer is ‘NO’ to each and every question, you’re almost (95%) through the process of health underwriting. Nevertheless, there are some STCi policies which have only 2 YES/NO questions. These policies are simply perfect for the applicants with pre-existing health conditions.

Who should Purchase A Short-Term Care Policy?

  • If you or your spouse were/was denied for a traditional long-term care insurance
  • If you want to go for a less-pricey insurance option than typical long-term care insurance
  • If you waited long to purchase a LTC insurance which costs too high
  • If you’re 80 or older
  • If you’re a single woman – unlike LTC, premium costs for STC policies are not based on the gender of the applicant
  • If you already have purchased a LTC and want to cover the policy’s Elimination Period

Typically an individual between the age groups of 65 and 74 with a net asset of less than 500,000 USD purchase a short-term care insurance policy.

How much does It Cost?

  • Standard premium amount for someone of age 65 – 105 USD per month
  • Standard premium amount for someone of age 70 – 141 USD per month option

What are some common facts about STC?

  • Minimum age of applicant – 40 to 50
  • Maximum age of applicant – 85 to 89
  • Standard amount of benefit – 100 USD, 150 USD and 200 USD daily
  • Whether a policy pays for assisted living – YES
  • Whether a policy pays for home care – YES
  • Whether a policy pays for nursing home - YES

Where to get a STC Premium Comparison?

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