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Tips To The Aged On Staying Young

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Tips To The Aged On Staying Young

Tips To The Aged On Staying Young

The present aged Americans are changing the conception that is prevalent about the aging adults of the nation. Gone are the days when the Grandma used to sit on the rocking chair on the front porch, as she would ruminate the golden days of yesteryears. The present aged adults are more likely to be seen around, busy with golfing, swimming, skiing and biking.

The life-time of Americans are increasing as could be understood from the good health that they preserve well into their 80s, 90s and even past their 100s. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the number of centenarians living in America in 2005 was 67,473 and if their predictions are to be believed, this figure could touch to 580,605 by 2040. In the golden years, people would value good health more than they are doing now.

To keep the best quality of their life in the golden years, older people can engage themselves more in active and healthy living today said Dr. Douglas Metz, who is the chief health services officer at the American Specialty Health (ASH), which is a health and wellness company looking after the healthy aging program of Silver & Fit(r). Silver & Fit is famous for providing the seniors with age-specific unique fitness regime, health education classes, events and nutrition.

Metz said that there are numerous benefits of doing exercises by the aging adults. These include the retention of the cognitive decline and memory loss. A study conducted at the University of North Carolina (UNC) at Chapel Hill said that aerobic exercise can counter the changes that are seen in small blood vessels of the brain. This way, better blood flow could be maintained within the brain, thus keeping the brain from aging quickly.

Metz thinks that it is never very late for seniors to start one's fitness regime. One can set specific goals that they would try to achieve in their fitness schedule and summer could be an ideal time to begin their exercises. If someone is already active, it would do well to set new goals to keep their interest in fitness alive. This also challenges the body and mind in newer ways.

Following is given Summer Fitness Goals that one can adhere for a healthy life:

Do Cardio Exercises for Endurance

It is found that older adults require two hours and 30 minutes of aerobic exercise of moderate intensity, like brisk exercise every week or vigorous exercise of one hour and 15 minutes every week along with strength exercise. Endurance exercises have a profound impact on the health of the heart and the cardiovascular health and the chances of cardiovascular disease are reduced to a considerable extent.

Include Strength Training To Your Routine

It is seen that weight training exercises in addition to strengthening and toning up the sagging muscles, increases the body balance, mobility, coordination as well as reduction of the chances of chronic diseases.

Remain Balanced

Remaining balanced is an issue that many older Americans suffer. This is also the cause of accidents and injuries. One can practice Tai Chi to regain or preserve balance. Similar effect could be found with Yoga and Pilates that strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back and improve the overall balance. Then there is the Wii Fit program that encompasses a balance board and balance exercises.

Limber Up

An easy way to feel young is to stay flexible. By limbering up, one can keep their body flexible. Similar help could be found with Yoga and Pilates. There are many beginning classes or those tailored for older adults, like Silver & Fit where you can do many stretching exercises.


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