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Understanding the true meaning of Long Term Care

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Understanding the true meaning of Long Term Care

Understanding the true meaning of Long Term Care

There are many people among us who have some unusual misconceptions about long term care. This may turn out to be unfavorable if these misconceptions are not eliminated on time. This articles points out some of these common delusions and also helps in eradicating them out, by the help of survey and research data's along with vivid examples. In addition to this, it also states the real definition of long term care and what it actually deals with.

Few of the Misapprehensions about Long Term Care

Long term care is a service that is required by most of the residents of the country. But many of us have a vague idea about the nature of such services. There are still people who think that long term care is about getting care services in a nursing home. This is not the correct fact as it has been proved by a survey that out of the 12 million people who require long term care services; only 1.5 million of them have to stay in nursing homes for receiving long term care services. From such a figure it can be understood that long term care is not at all about only staying in nursing home and receiving care. Even there are many men, who misguidedly symbolize long term care with death or care services provided before a person is going to die. However, long term care also includes care at home. Needless to say, that a long term care insurance policy provides coverage for the services that are offered to you at a nursing home or at your home.

What do Long Term Care actually corresponds to?

Long term care in reality corresponds to a broad variety of services that are offered to those people who are found to be affected with a chronic disorder or any kind of physical inabilities. Basically long term care services comprises of giving services to people in order to help them to accomplish the activities that are performed in the daily lives of human being. These activities includes dressing up, bathing, eating, going to toilet, move from one place to the other and similar others. Long term care also involves services to help people in accomplishing other minor household activities like cooking, washing, cleaning and similar others.

In the year 2000, The U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging has published a report in the month of February of the same year, which states that long term care is different from other kinds of healthcare services. The report also emphasized the fact that the objective of long term care services is not to heal a disease/sickness, but to help the patient to reach and sustain a best possible stage of operation, so that he/she can lead life without any pain and sufferings.

Eliminating out the remaining misapprehensions about Long Term Care

There is another misapprehension about long term care and it is that, people think that such care is provided only when people grows older in age. This is absolutely a wrong fact. A research that was conducted few years ago revealed that baby boomers described the term old age as above 85 years, whereas the normal life anticipation is for 82 years. However from this, one can infer that a majority of the baby boomers actually believe, that they will fall prey to death sooner than they attain an older age. It may happen that people can become disabled due to any damage or sickness regardless of whatever age group they belong to. For instance Michael J. Fox was found to posses Parkinson's disease when he was only of the age of 30 years. Another popular instance can be given of Christopher Reeve. Do you remember this former Hollywood film actor who was famous for his performance as the action hero character Superman? Yes! Christopher suffered paralyses at an early age of 43. So the reality is that above 37% who are availing long term care services are below the age of 65 years. So let's not pay any heed to any fallacious news about long term care and start believing in that, which is stated by the facts.

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