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Working Adults Without Insurance On The Rise

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Working Adults Without Insurance On The Rise

Working Adults Without Insurance On The Rise

A new report from AARP indicates that a growing number of working and older adults are leading a life without any health insurance. The demography of these adults in between the ages of 50 and 64 makes them young enough to qualify for government sponsored Medicare insurance. According to the agency, in 2006, around 7.1 million people within this age group did not have any health insurance and this figure is 36 percent more over the previous year. The agency has been lobbying at both the state as well as federal levels on different issues related to older adults.

According to an AARP policy advisor, Gerry Smolka, the particular group was not always taken to be one of the groups that have many problems.

In 2007, about 18 percent of the group in Florida was uninsured. The officials think this figure is growing since the study was conducted. This they consider is due to the increased unemployment, low paying jobs and numerous small businesses that provide no coverage.

Jim Dau, a spokesman of AARP says that the situation has worsened since then. More alarming according to the officials are the large number of working adults who do not have any insurance plan. Many of these people are at small companies or else they are self-employed. According to reports, there are many people within this group applying for individual health insurance finds their coverage either being rejected by the insurance companies or are required to pay high premiums that are based on their pre-existing conditions or age.

The AARP director of state government relations JoAnn Lamphere lamented that in critical conditions these people have to visit hospital, only to face impoverishment.

A brief statistics of the situation is given below:

  • Adults in the age bracket of 50 to 64 who are not insured are 612,779 or 18 percent of the whole population
  • Uninsured adults with a job are 445,846 or 73 percent
  • Uninsured adults without a job are 166,933 or 27 percent


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