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 Aetna Health Insurance
Aetna Health Insurance

In the American health insurance industry, the name ‘Aetna’ has existed for more than one and a half centuries. The name having been inspired from Mt. Etna in Sicily today is one to reckon with. Aetna Life Insurance Company’s journey has not been the smoothest since 1854 but consequently the organization tried its best to incorporate newer philosophies and innovation into its system of functioning. In the health insurance category, Aetna offers coverage to individuals, to Medicare beneficiaries (in other words, individuals above 65) and to federal employees.

Individual health insurance plans have an extensive range of about 10 plans namely PPO 1000, PPO 1500, PPO 2500, PPO 5000, PPO Value 2500, PPO High Deductible 3000, PPO High Deductible 5000, First Dollar PPO 35, Preventive and Hospital Care 1250 and Preventive and Hospital Care 3000. Individuals opting for the PPO 1000 plan have to pay higher premiums but the deductibles are quite low. Even out- of- pocket expenses and co- payments can be kept minimum if one chooses this plan. Benefits include office visits, hospitalization, prescription drugs and home health care besides others. The PPO 1500 plan also has similar features to that of the 1000 plan, the only difference being slightly higher deductibles. This plan is essentially for people who want to make the most of prescription drug coverage. The PPO 2500 plan also allows a lot of freedom to members in terms of visiting physicians and specialists of their own choice. Benefits include home health care, maternity care and inpatient and outpatient services. All other PPO plans have similar benefits as well. The Preventive and Hospital Care plans give maximum coverage in the mentioned besides offering maternity care and emergency services.

Under the Medicare plan category, people can have access to plans like the Aetna Golden Medicare Plan, Aetna Golden Choice Plan, Aetna Medicare Special Needs Plan and the Aetna Individual Medicare Supplement Plan amongst many others. The Aetna Golden Medicare Plan is a many- benefit plan option that lets members access a wide network of doctors. Members may choose to opt for either a traditional HMO plan or an open access HMO plan. While in the previous referrals of a Primary Care Physician (PCP) will be required, in the latter it won’t be. This plan gives coverage even when members are traveling. The Aetna Golden Choice Plan is perfect for people who are not in a position to pay high monthly premiums. It is an open access HMO plan where members do not need referrals every time. Under the Aetna Medicare Special Needs Plan one can find the Dual Advantage plan that lets members pay lesser premiums and enjoy greater benefits. The Aetna Individual Medicare Supplement plan covers the gaps created by Medicare.

Aetna Health Insurance

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