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 AmeriHealth Insurance
AmeriHealth Insurance

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Having a health insurance plan is a necessity in modern times, however, choosing best plan from growing number of options can leave you exhausted and confused. We'll provide you with information on health insurance covers, making comparing and finding a plan easier.

About AmeriHealth

AmeriHealth is well-known for its commitment towards offering quality products and services and is dedicated to lower the expenses of treatment for its members by offering incentives to physicians and hospitals so members gets superior quality and safety.

Due to its good work in the industry AmeriHealth group has made remarkable growth since it was started in 1995. Also, the group has managed expanded its base in Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Numbers of members have also gone up to over 265,000.


AmeriHealth HMO of New Jersey and Delaware's AmeriHealth HMO have received the highest accreditation from The National Committee for Quality Assurance. Both HMO plans have received an "Excellent" rating status for meeting the NCQA's strict evaluation standards.

Products Offered

AmeriHealth offers products such as a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), traditional coverage, a Medicare risk program for the senior market, AmeriHealth Mercy Health Plan for Medicaid recipients, and a third-party administration plan, AmeriHealth Administrators.

AmeriHealth Health & Wellness Resources

The group also offers its members a full range of innovative programs and services. They try their best to provide their members with information, programs, and support that they need to stay and live healthy. Their Healthy Lifestyles programs and Connections Health management programs are two examples of their health and wellness resources.

AmeriHealth Presently

AmeriHealth has also joined a national effort to improve services and lower treatment costs for multi-state customers. They proudly offer innovative workplace wellness programs to employers and uses technology to more effectively serve customers.

AmeriHealth Insurance

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