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 AmeriHealth New Jersey medical insurance
AmeriHealth New Jersey medical insurance

Compare AmeriHealth New Jersey medical insurance

There may be times when choosing the best medical insurance policy for your healthcare needs turns out to be cumbersome process. Thankfully, things have turned on the brighter side with AmeriHealth New Jersey's health insurance plans.

Details, Health Programs & Quotes

AmeriHealth is a budding group of medical insurance programs that has extended its base in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. And since its start in 1995, the insurance company has attained a customer base of over 265,000 individuals. The company has been noted for its promise to offer top quality products. They have worked out their part pretty well to increase the care quality and reduce the expenses for their enrollees by offering incentives to hospitals and medical practitioners to award great quality as well as safety.

What are the products offered at AmeriHealth?

AmeriHealth is home to different products including a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO), a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), conventional coverage, a Medicare risk plan for the elderly people, AmeriHealth Mercy Medical Program for Medicaid applicants, and a third-party management program, AmeriHealth Administrators.

AmeriHealth Recognitions

AmeriHealth HMO of Delaware and New Jersey's AmeriHealth HMO have attained the biggest possible official approval for Quality Assurance by The National Committee. Moreover, both HMO programs have attained an "Excellent" rating for having met the stringent evaluation standards of the NCOA.

AmeriHealth Today

AmeriHealth aims at enhancing service, as well as reduce expenses for customers of all states. They take pride in providing unique workplace wellness plans to employers and implements advanced technology to serve clients the better way.

Resources for Health and Wellness

AmeriHealth provides its members a complete range of unique products as well as services. They work hard to help their enrollees the much needed details on the insurance programs as well as the support to stay fit and healthy. Some of the major examples of their health as well as wellness resources include Connections Health management plans and Healthy Lifestyles plans.

AmeriHealth New Jersey medical insurance

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