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 Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance

Compare Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance

It is indeed a difficult job to look for the best medical insurance coverage. However, by hiring our services you are only a click away from getting detailed quotes for Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Connecticut's prominent medical insurance plans.

Anthem for the residents of Connecticut: Details, Health Programs & Insurance Quotes

Anthem Blue Cross as well as Blue Shield is ruling the medical insurance industry for over sixty years now. In recent times, they have become a member of the WellPoint, Inc and BCBS Association. The Anthem offers a policy to more than 34 million individuals, including Connecticut residents. The company provides various health insurance programs for different needs like POS, HMOs and PPOs. Additionally, they also offer coverage for dental care and prescription drugs.

Why choose Anthem for your needs?

Anthem provides comprehensive and reasonable medical insurance programs for the residents of Connecticut. Their policy offers residents the permission to choose from their wide network of medical care solution providers- including specialists, pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and medical practitioners. The company also concentrates on ensuring that their members stay in good health. This is one of the reasons why they offer complete coverage for precautionary care solutions like yearly physicals, and routine check-ups so as to lead a better life. Besides the preventive care policy, the company also provides its members management and educations plans for chronic diseases like diabetes and asthma.

Business Objectives of Anthem

In 1944, Anthem was grouped under the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. Formerly, they had individual operations until they got merged in 2005 with WellPoint Health Networks. Jointly, the companies came to be known as WellPoint Incorporated. Since the mid 1900s, nothing much has changed for the company. Even today, the company provides reasonable coverage choices for the residents of Connecticut as well as across the nation. Anthem is a well-grounded and noted name and promises to be the same for many more years. Companies that offer financial ratings like A.M. Best and Standard and Poor's identify the actual business potential of the company and have awarded it an A for their financial constancy. In the society, WellPoint and Anthem are believed to be active contributors. They work jointly with not-for-profit companies like United Way and grant donations to various health associated as well as educational efforts.

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Connecticut Health Insurance

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