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Anthem Health Insurance

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 Anthem Health Insurance
Anthem Health Insurance

Anthem Health Insurance

Having a health insurance plan is a necessity in modern times, however, choosing best plan from growing number of options can leave you exhausted and confused. We'll provide you with information on health insurance covers, making comparing and finding a plan easier.

Information on Anthem Health Insurance

Anthem is part of two biggest names in health insurance industry, the Blue Cross Shield Association and the WellPoint. Along with WellPoint, Anthem Health offer plans to more than 34 million Americans all over the United States. Other health insurance plans offered by Anthem are disability insurance, dental and prescription drug cover.

Why Choose Anthem Health Insurance

Anthem help their members in leading healthy life by providing preventive care cover for physicians' check-ups and routine physicians. Through preventive care Anthem tries to improve their members' health.

Anthem offers its members convenient access to its large network of physicians and hospitals via its health insurance plans. The group is also known to offer information and programs for managing chronic illness like diabetes and asthma.

Anthem's Record

WellPoint and Anthem's business have always managed to get "A's" from the most renowned rating companies. A.M. Best gave them an "A (Excellent)," Standard and Poor's issued an "A+ (Strong)" rating, Moody's Investor Service Inc. assigned an "A1 (Good)" rating, and Fitch Inc. rated WellPoint and Anthem "AA- (Excellent)."

Anthem Involvement in the Community

Anthem and WellPoint work closely with United Way's Associate Giving Campaign to offer help to the homeless, protecting the environment, preserving the arts and culture, and contributing to children's education.

They also accept requests for charitable donations to non-profit organizations for any health-related, educational, or community project.

Anthem and WellPoint's History

In 1944, Anthem became part of Blue Cross Blue Shield and presently they are one of the many independent companies in the BCBS Association. After operating independently for more than 60 years, Anthem merged with WellPoint Health Networks in 2005.

In 1986, WellPoint was founded as the manager of health care operations for the non-profit insurer, Blue Cross of California. After WellPoint became their own insurance company and acquired Anthem, they became WellPoint Incorporated. They are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

As nation's biggest health insurance providers, Anthem and WellPoint is focused on healthy living and providing affordable access to health care.

Their managed care plans organize networks of thousands of doctors, hospitals, specialists, and clinics all across the country. Anthem and WellPoint also support the use of evidence-based medicine to continue improving the quality of care and reduce medical errors.

Anthem Health Insurance

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