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 Assurant Health Insurance
Assurant Health Insurance

Assurant Health Company, previously known as Fortis Health, is one of the leading providers of health insurance in the country. It provides insurance to more than 1 million people in the country. The company’s products include health savings accounts, short term medical insurance and small group insurance plans. Student insurance is also provided. Time Insurance Company, Union Security Insurance Company and John Alden Life Insurance Company provide underwriting services to Assurant.

The following is a summary of the various plans offered by Assurant:

Individual and family plans; individual and family plans are offered to people who are self employed or people who do not receive cover from their employers. Plans with wide choices are offered. These are a few highlights of the plans;

  • A lifetime benefit amount of $8 million.
  • Round the clock coverage throughout the world.
  • Choice of medical professionals from a wide network.
  • No referrals required to consult a specialist.
  • Rate guarantee for the first year.

Group medical plans for small businesses (2 to 50 employees); a wide category of plans are offered to cover the unique requirements of your business. These are called Real Choice Plans. You also get online management facilities to save your time. With the help of these facilities, your employees can access their account any time. The company has over 70000 agents throughout the country to respond to your queries and problems. Take a look at the major types of plans on offer;

  • Major medical products are available under Assurant Health’s Real Choices Plan. You can choose from real choices 1, 2, 3 and indemnity plans.
  • Consumer choice plans are also available to help your employees save money on medical expenditure. These can be secured through HSAs and HRAs.
  • You can also avail of self funded products. These are designed to finance your immediate expected claims. You can then buy supplementary insurance for excess claims. Currently, these plans are available only in Maryland, Colorado, Washington and California.
  • Ancillary products include short term disability insurance, dental insurance and life insurance.

You can add these to your medical plans and get wider covers.

Student medical plans; Student Select is a health insurance plan geared towards the needs of graduate and undergraduate students. These plans are suitable for those students who are no longer covered by the plans of their parents. They are also suitable for students living outside the parents’ HMO or PPO areas.

Short term medical plans; Assurant health was the pioneer in this type of insurance. It was the first company to introduce this insurance in 1973. These plans are ideal for people who are waiting for group cover to start, people who are in between jobs, seasonal employees, laid off employees and others. It is a temporary health plan covering a period between 30-365 days. Assurant provides you coverage as soon as the next day. You may also avail of prescription drug coverage and card for quick savings. You also have a choice of going to preferred doctors.

Assurant Health Insurance Company has been providing health insurance to individuals and businesses for over a century. The plans are innovative and affordable and are geared to all categories of needs. You also get the added advantage of choosing your health care providers. Go through the plans and choose one that is just right for you.

Assurant Health Insurance

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