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Buying Health Insurance made Easy

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 Buying Health Insurance made Easy
Buying Health Insurance made Easy

Buying Health Insurance made Easy

When medical costs become unaffordable, there is no choice but to forgo it. Many Americans are facing this situation at present and are without medical insurance cover. This means that even basic medical care also becomes inaccessible to them. This is a high priority issue for the government. There are several programs already running to provide affordable health insurance to citizens. Health Care Exchange is another initiative of the government to bring more people under health insurance cover.

This is a government supported program to set up a common information web site which will help people to get information and compare different medical insurance plans provided by various health insurance companies.

The important features of the program are –

  • Government Approval
  • All plans on the exchange web site need to have the basic requirements as specified by the Affordable Care Act. Hence policyholders will have the guarantee of a minimum standard of medical care when going through this exchange.

  • Categorized Plans
  • People have the option of choosing the plan which suits their needs and pocket. The plans will be organized into four categories – platinum, gold, silver and bronze according to the benefits that they will provide.

  • Compulsory buying of Plan
  • The government will make it mandatory for all citizens to buy a health insurance from the exchange, if they don’t get the benefit of medical insurance from their employer or any other source.

  • Financial Assistance
  • Those who find it impossible to pay the premiums for plans purchased through the exchange will receive financial assistance. Their premiums may be lowered or government will share the costs.

  • Exchange System not Binding on States
  • Although the government will encourage the setting up of the exchange in all the states, it is not compulsory. States may choose not to participate in the program. In these cases the people of those states can use the federal database of health care plans.

The setting up of the exchange has become a subject for some debate among the different states. This health care exchange program is a part of a new health insurance system and is expected to start operating by 2014.

Buying Health Insurance made Easy

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