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 CIGNA Health Insurance
CIGNA Health Insurance

It is a subsidiary of CIGNA, founded in 1974. It administers behavioral health care programmes and employee assistance programmes (EAPs). Other included services are disability management programmes and referrals to financial and legal services. Plans also include childcare and eldercare. We mention below a few highlights of the plans.

  • Pre authorization is not required in case you are going for routine office visits to a contracted provider.
  • In case of out of network providers, you may have to pay a differential amount.
  • The pharmacy benefits part in your health plan is not covered.
  • A variety of behavioral health services are provided for mental and substance abuse. The availability of coverage for psychological tests depends on the plan you opt for and on your medical necessity.
  • Programmes like smoking cessation are not covered.
  • Coverage rules for mental illnesses with biological origins differ from state to state. Most state laws are geared to providing you coverage for mental health on par with illnesses of physical origin.
  • Emergency coverage for mental illnesses is also available.

The company was founded in 1972 and it provides coverage and benefits to companies present in Arizona. The largest coverage area is in phoenix. CIGNA healthcare is a subsidiary of CIGNA Individual and Family Plans in Arizona.

The individual and family plans offer easy to understand and comprehensive covers for you and your family. You are eligible for the plan if you are 64 and a half years or younger on the effective date. Children between 3 months and19 years of age, without an adult subscriber are also eligible. The applicant must be a resident of Arizona. Also, applicants for HMO plans must be residing in the Arizona Service Area for at least 9 months every plan year. Dependants eligible for cover include your legal spouse and unmarried children between 3 months and 19 years of age. Students are also covered provided they are below 23 years of age.

Overview of plan types:

  • HMO plans offer comprehensive coverage at predictable costs along with a PCP to manage your care.
  • Open access plans are flexible in nature and provide coverage both within and outside the network. There is no need for PCPs or referrals.
  • Health savings plans are high deductible ones which let you get tax benefits by opening a health savings account. These help you pay for current expenses and save for the future. Cover is provided both within and outside the network. Primary care physicians and referrals are not needed.

Cigna health care of North Carolina is a subsidiary of CIGNA Corporation. It offers health insurance and other services to members in North Carolina. The following covers are offered;

  • Inpatient services include semi private rooms and boarding. It also includes professional services, drugs and medication.
  • Outpatient services are also covered.
  • Emergency services are available both within and outside the coverage area. Plans also cover costs for ambulance services where required for emergency purposes.
  • General professional services are also included in the cover. PCP and OB/GYNAE services are also offered.
  • Covers also include diagnostic procedures including x rays. MRI scans require prior authorization.
  • Preventive covers include annual checkups and physical examinations. It also includes immunizations and other clinical services.
  • Mental health covers are not provided unless they are covered by a supplemental plan.
  • Limited prescription drugs coverage is available.
  • Short term home care is covered along with hospice but it excludes items for personal comfort.
  • Limited dental and vision covers are also provided.

It is a health insurance company providing benefits to self insuring companies. It was founded in 1792 and is based in Philadelphia. It covers more than 10 million people. Plans include PPO, HMOs, POS types, indemnity and consumer directed ones. Specialty plans are offered in the form of dental, vision, pharmacy and behavioral health plans. Members can avail of doctors at rates negotiated by CIGNA. The billing is handled by CIGNA. But the employer handles the risks if the employee falls ill.

The company basically operates in two parts- (1) Healthcare and (2) disability and life.

  • The health care part deals with medical, dental, behavioral and prescription drug plans, whether self funded or insured.
  • The disability and life segment covers group long term and short term disability insurance. It also provides case management services to workers. Group life insurance products are offered in two parts-1) group term life and 2) group universal life. The company also offers corporate owned insurance. These are permanent insurance contracts that are provided to corporations so that they can cover certain employees. The products are distributed through consultants, brokers, agents, sales personnel and through online sites.

The company is one of the largest providers of health care insurance in the country. Its customers include employers, govt. entities, unions and people receiving Medicare. It also sells health plans in parts of Asia and the European Union.

CIGNA Health Insurance

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