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 Cobra Health Insurance Plan
Cobra Health Insurance Plan

About COBRA Health Insurance

Most people delay searching for a new job or starting their own business venture as they could be few lucky ones whose firm offers generous health insurance benefits, despite the fact that their employer isn't required to offer COBRA health insurance. Most people think twice before leaving a job where employer is providing a health insurance as most companies backing away from providing cover due to high cost of cover.

As per a report presented by the Committee for Economic Development in 2007, in America employer-sponsored health insurance system is failing rapidly. Due to ever increasing cost of covers, employers have started to impose waiting periods on new recruits and minimum work-hour rules to qualify employees for coverage. Another research published late in the same year by the Economic Policy Institute reports that only 59.7 percent of Americans still get their health insurance coverage via employers, with the number of firms offering coverage down 4.5 percent since 2000. However, what other choice nation of highly mobile, ladder-climbing professionals have in this situation.

COBRA Health Insurance

As long as you don't get fired due to gross misconduct, you are eligible under COBRA health insurance for continued coverage for up to 18 additional months. That's good for you because, this much time is usually required to find a new job. However, it can cost you more as your last employer won't be paying any part of it. you don't have to contact anyone to opt for COBRA benefits as it's up to your former employer to notify the insurance company within 30 days after your departure. After this insurer has 14 days to offer you continued coverage that you can accept/decline within 60 days. COBRA benefits are mandatory for companies, having 20 or more employees and you don't even have to leave your job to qualify for them. A reduction in hours leading to a loss of coverage is also considered a qualifying event. If COBRA isn't an option for you, consider trying to convert the group plan you were in to an individual health insurance coverage policy.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA) was designed by keeping in mind the job-hopping lifestyle of recent generation. Due to HIPAA, your new insurer can't apply "pre-existing condition" exclusions to you, your spouse, or anyone else, if you were enrolled in the a plan provided by your last employer's health insurance coverage plan for at least 12 months without a lapse in coverage lasting more than 62 consecutive days. But this can result in high deductibles and co-payments. HIPPA prohibits insurance providers from rejecting those with pre-existing conditions and it causes employers to pass along the higher expense to workers. However, this rule keeps your worries such as if your spouse and children were covered by your old plan away even if they aren't eligible under the new one. HIPAA mandates immediate special enrollment for them through your spouse's employer's plan, if there is one.

Other Options

Realize that it's not a wise decision to go without a cover either health-wise or financially. You should at least consider getting interim or short-term health insurance. Also, remember, protections conferred by HIPAA expire after 63 days without health insurance coverage. Nobody would want that to happen as protection is worth keeping. If you are unable to afford an individual health insurance plan, find out about subsidized programs with your state insurance department.

Cobra Health Insurance Plan

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