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Credit Life Insurance Policy

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 Credit Life Insurance Policy
Credit Life Insurance Policy

Credit Life Insurance

Credit life insurance aims at repaying debts of the insured individual in the event of his death. Incidentally, lenders often demand a credit life insurance policy as a prerequisite for approving loans.

When you want all your debts to be paid off without your family having to bear the debt-related expenses after you die, you should consider buying a credit life insurance policy. The internet is the perfect place to start searching for a great credit life insurance scheme. There are plenty of websites which can hand you free quotes online. This is convenient because you are spared from the continuous bombardment of insurance packages by overenthusiastic salespersons.


  • Every month you need to pay premiums and the amount is fixed depending on your loan amount balance.
  • Another advantage is that you can use this for buying something that you may have desired for long.
  • Buying credit life insurance is easy since individuals keen to purchase the policy need not appear for physical tests before applying for coverage.
  • Your profession is never a consideration when you apply and your coverage begins right from the time you buy the policy.

The creditor is the policy beneficiary here and not any of his family members. According to experts in life insurance matters, it is advisable to invest in a term life policy which can guarantee you superior coverage that is comprehensive enough to cover funds for repaying your pending loans.

When choosing a policy however, it makes sense to evaluate the terms offered by different carriers to get yourself the best deals. Before you sign, you need to find out whether and to what degree your premiums amounts will fluctuate with corresponding changes in the loan amounts. Single-premium credit life insurance policy is costlier than the others because here the whole amount of the policy is added to the total loan amount in one go.

Things to Remember When Buying Credit Life Insurance Policies

The fine print in such policies is quite complex and most people are not advised to opt for this kind of a policy. Staking your claims can be a little challenging and it is always wiser to opt for those credit life policies wherein the premiums can be paid every month instead of at one go. For majority of home owners, home equity is unarguably the biggest financial asset. But when you buy a credit life policy, the chances of losing this asset is heightened. So the credit life policy brings with it quite a few risks and you should opt for it only after weighing the pros and cons carefully. You will stand to gain if you study the fine print with care and inquire about all the clauses which seem unintelligible to you.

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Credit Life Insurance Policy

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