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 Fallon Community Health Insurance
Fallon Community Health Insurance

Fallon Community Health Insurance

While you are searching for that perfect plan that will suit your budget and requirements, you need to add one more criteria to your list i.e. getting information on plan provider. Having information on provider can be beneficial as you'd have to deal with them in future. To make selecting easier for you, we'll provide you with detailed information on some of the companies.

About Fallon Community Health Plan (FCHP) of Massachusetts

In Massachusetts, FCHP is the only health plan that's a health insurance company and health care provider at the same time. Ever since 1977, FCHP has been working to develop a one of a kind network of providers that'll provide first-rate, cost-effective care to its members, as well as access to physicians and hospitals in Massachusetts.

With customizable plans made up of different networks of physicians, one can after some comparing can find a health insurance plan that meets his/her requirements. FCHP cares about its member's health at every stage of life and strives to provide wellness services and preventative programs to help them remain healthy and productive.

FCHP & Community

FCHP is committed to keeping communities health and to support this vision, the group actively works towards its mission to make communities healthier. This very passion makes FCHP integral part of community.

In addition FCHP supports organizations that encourage health care and social services via their Community Benefits Program. This program distributes grants to assist other organizations with programs such as preventative care for children, promotion nutrition and physical activity, and preventative care for seniors etc.

FCHP's Summit ElderCare

Summit ElderCare, a program founded in 1995 and a one of kind program in Massachusetts, offers care to people in fragile conditions and the elderly in their homes while supporting the patient's family as well. The Summit ElderCare is based on a model, started in the 1970s by a small San Francisco community searching for an improved way to care for elders.

The Summit ElderCare works collectively with the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE) model based on the belief that it is better for seniors with continual health care needs and their families to be assisted in their community. One of the other key features of this program is the collaboration of many different professionals working together as members of the interdisciplinary team along with the family members to help aid seniors.

Why Choose FCHP

As per National Commmitte for Quality Assurance (NXQA) FCHP ranks among the top ten health plans in the United States. Fallon Community Health Plan strives to ensure safe, valuable, patient-centered, timely, competent and fair health care services are provided to its member.

Patient safety standards are put into place to make sure FCHP consistently meets its goal of providing quality care. Fallon Community Health Plan works in partnership with health care providers, hospitals and regional and national coalitions to advance health care delivery and reduce medical errors.

The Leapfrog Group is an initiative driven by organizations who are working to make improvements in the safety, quality, and affordability of health care. FCHP willingly participates with the group as a way to further ensure the highest quality care for members. Leapfrog helps set the standard for staffing in ICUs, prescription ordering processes, and certain high-risk procedures.

Fallon Community Health Insurance

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