Family Health Insurance Quotes

Family Health Insurance Quotes

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Every family needs to be insured in order to keep health hazards and risks at bay. All over the US there are several insurance companies from where families can get their coverage. But before going through the final process people should learn about the basics about family health insurance. So the very first thing one must know is what exactly is family health insurance? In plain terms, it is a deal that is struck between you and the insurance company to ensure you and your dependants do not come any sort of financial pressure due to recurring medical costs.

The sphere of family health insurance is intrinsically connected to the types of insurance available. The most primary kind of insurance one can get is traditional indemnity. If you opt for this variety of insurance, you’ll have to pay a fee every time you avail a service within the given provider network. The fee taken by physicians and hospitals within your provider network is known as a usual, customary and regular (UCR) fee. Traditional indemnity policyholders can also access medical help provided by other networks but may have to pay a higher fee in this case. A plan holder also has to pay deductibles and co- payments depending upon the number of office visits he or she makes.

In the present age, traditional indemnity is not the only kind of family health insurance available. In fact millions of people are seen opting for HMO’s, PPO’s and POS’s. Health Maintenance Organization or HMO plans focus on a prepayment facility through which a policyholder has access to a fixed number of benefits. Under an HMO plan an individual has to choose a Personal Care Physician (PCP) who will be responsible for all further treatment inclusive of referrals. As a rule, the PCP has to be chosen from within the given provider network and all services too should be of an in- network nature. In extreme cases, when certain special services are not available with the network can a patient choose to go outside it. In case of HMO’s, out- of- pocket expenses are kept at a minimum. POS plans have similar characteristics as that of HMO plans. To be precise POS plans combine a few features from both traditional indemnity and HMO. Under a POS plan, an individual can get ready referrals for medical attention both inside and outside the network. In case a member chooses to refer himself outside the given network he has to pay a re- determined fee.

When you get family coverage through a PPO plan your cost automatically goes down since the various components of the provider network have an understanding with your insurer that they’ll charge a lesser fee for the services they provide. PPO plans operate on a fee- for- service basis. Policyholders may or may not choose a Primary Care Physician.

Before opting for family coverage, keep the answers to certain questions handy. Find out whether the plan in question covers the benefits you’re looking for, asking for an application fee and making you wait for an interminable period. The answers to these questions are vital as far as getting the appropriate family coverage is concerned.

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