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Family Medical Insurance

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 Family Medical Insurance
Family Medical Insurance

The people, whose family unit is not getting any coverage by health insurance plans provided by an employer or any other sources, can buy insurance policy which is particularly designed to provide coverage to the entire family. There are several choices that may include government insurance programs and private insurance company packages. The options are discussed below:

  • Private Family Medical Insurance Policies
  • Government-funded Family Medical Insurance Programs

Private Family Medical Insurance Policies

Private insurance policies bought from an insurer provide Managed Care Policies that may include PPOs (a list of clinics and physicians that the policy allows a consumer to use at a lower rate); POSs (a form of insurance coverage in which the consumer can see a clinic or physician they elect, however, he or she should pay a deductible or a portion of expense for the care for every visit); or HMOs (pre-paid healthcare that needs visits to the physicians approved by the HMO).

Each of such policies has both benefits and drawbacks. Electing the right policy for you and your entire family depends on the type and level of care you need. One key challenge with such policies is that most often preventive healthcare like vaccinations is not covered by the policies. This is obviously a big problem for anybody with small children' since they need immunizations. So if you too belong to such category, make sure that the policy you are going to buy provides such coverage.

Government-funded Family Medical Insurance Programs

Medicaid is probably the most known government-funded program specifically created to assist families getting their medical insurance. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid is designed to help people offer healthcare to their spouse, kids as well as other dependants. The people qualified for Medicaid advantages may include

  • Kids in foster care
  • Kids under the age of 21 years
  • Children in subsidized adoption
  • Expecting mothers
  • Relative cares for kids under the age of 18 years
  • Parents stay with kids under the age of 18 years
  • People with disability
  • Senior people of 65 years and more

People, who want to know more about the Medicaid or like to appeal for it, can visit local office of Department of Human Service.

Along with Medicaid, in some states there is a children-specific program known as CHIP or Children's Health Insurance Program. This program can really expand Medicaid; however, slightly. In some states, the government provides dollars to extend Medicaid to provide coverage to the children without insurance and the CHIP provides extra dollars in order to provide coverage to the parents (uninsured) of such children.

Family Medical Insurance

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