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 Great American Health Insurance
Great American Health Insurance

Great American Health Insurance

Internet has made it easier for people to search and compare health insurance quotes. But understanding the plan and provider offering the plan can make it easier to choose a plan. Since various companies are offering insurance plans, we'll provide you with detailed information on some of the companies.

In 1872, the Great American Financial Resources Inc., a annuity, supplemental and life insurance portion of American Financial Group Inc. American Financial Group Inc. sold its first insurance policy and ever since is a leader in the industry.

The group can be traced back to 1940 when Carl Lindner along with his family founded the United Dairy Farmers in Ohio, selling insurance in a small storefront.

You can compare Great American and other plans from top companies for free now.

Great American Business

Great American Financial Resources Inc. and its subsidiaries have been continuously rated A, or higher by A.M. Best Co. for over 30 years.

Also, Great American Insurance Company has received A (Excellent) to A3 (Good) ratings from A.M. Best, Standard & Poor's, and Moody's which shows how the organization offer exceptional services to its customers.

Organization's Corporate Culture

Great American Financial Resources emphasizes on respect, honesty, teamwork, encouragement, sensitivity and accountability at its workplace.

Another factor that Great American Financial Resources emphasizes on is fun. Annually, GAFRI holds events for friends and family, including an Independence Day Celebration, a Chili Cook-Off, Omelet Days, Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day and various athletic programs for employees.

Great American Financial Resources also promotes diversity and participates in the YMCA Black Achievers program. It nominates candidates for the YMCA Black Achievers Program where teenagers participate in a one year program that focuses on career development, college readiness and academic achievement.

More Options from Great American

Great American isn't just another health insurance provider and is well-known for offering numerous insurance products such as property insurance, auto insurance and agricultural insurance.

Exploring Great American plan Options

By using our online service, you can easily explore various health plan options. You can compare competitive health plan quotes from other companies and the Great American.

Great American Health Insurance

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