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 Group Health Insurance
Group Health Insurance

Group Health Insurance

Internet has made it easier for people to search and compare health insurance quotes from various providers in the market before making a final decision to purchase a particular plan. Since various companies are offering insurance plans, we'll provide you with detailed information on some of the companies.

Group Health and Its History

In 1947, Group Health Cooperative was launched as a community coalition that would focus on offering affordable health insurance to people. It's among few of health insurance organizations completely managed by customers.

Group Health and its subsidiaries - KPS Health Plans and Group Health Options Inc. covers over 585,000 members in Idaho and Washington. Group Health, a non-profit healthcare system, offering medical coverage to its members; members receive 70 percent of care from Group Health-owned medical facility.

Awards & Recognitions

In 2010 Group Health Physicians was honored with the award the 2010 Acclaim Award from the American Medical Group Association. This made the group first one to receive this award on its first try.

The National Committee for Quality Assurance ranked Group Health in 11th place for best Medicare plan in the nation. 2010 marked the third year that Group Health ranked in the top 15 plans.

It was ranked highest in member satisfaction in Northwest region by the J.D. Power and Associates.


Numerous health insurance plans are offered by Group Health to its members that will suit their budget and requirements. It offers plans for Medicare recipients, federal and state employees, and group plans.

Healthcare to members is provided by Group Health Permanente doctors and other clinicians at facilities operated by the organization. When Group health doesn't own facilities or for plans offering more choices in certain areas, a network of over 9,000 community physicians and 39 hospitals are available for members.

Group Health Insurance

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