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Health Discount Program

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 Health Discount Program
Health Discount Program

Health Discount Program

A health discount program is not a medical insurance plan offered by governmental organizations or private companies. This is a special discount plan that can help you to lower your expenses on medical bills and health treatments.

Health discount program can be availed as an addition to your health insurance policy if it does not provide you the required coverage. You can also go for a health discount program if you cannot afford an expensive health insurance policy.

Difference between a Health Discount Program and a Health Insurance Policy

  • A health discount plan helps to lower your charges on any medical expenditure like medicines, lab test, visit to physicians, hospital bills etc. and will not pay for your treatments like an insurance plan.
  • The program requires you to pay a monthly amount and may include a pre-set discount on dental care.
  • Unlike a health insurance agent, a health discount program agent has no license or experience in the field of health care and medical treatments.
  • This discount program will not help your financial stability incase of an emergency condition or if you need serious medical attention.
  • You are solely responsible for your hospital and medicine bills. Only you can get a certain percent of reduction on the bills from your health discount program.
  • This program can be availed only within the limited network of hospitals and medical centers.
  • A health discount plan provider can anytime withdraw your membership, so be careful in picking the right provider. For free quotes on health discount programs you can visit

Health Discount Program

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