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Health Insurance and Pre Existing Health Conditions

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 Health Insurance and Pre Existing Health Conditions
Health Insurance and Pre Existing Health Conditions

Pre-existing health condition is a known term to the individuals having health insurance or who have evaluated their health insurance documents. Pre-existing health condition may be defined as a condition for which an individual has been diagnosed or treated earlier before the commencement of a healthcare coverage by any particular health insurance provider. Or, it is a condition that predates an individual's inception of healthcare coverage. What conditions are subject to pre-existence entirely depends on the insurer's decision. However, there are some health conditions that are considered to be pre-existing by most of the health insurance companies.

Below is a comprehensive discussion on some medical conditions and details of the coverage you may get, if you have any of such conditions before signing up for health insurance.

Common pre existing medical conditions

There are some pre-existing medical conditions that the insurance companies confess would affect the coverage type that is offered to new customers. Pregnancy, obesity, fibromyalgia, diabetes, osteoarthritis, bone spurs, rotator cuff injuries, psoriasis, abscess and depression are some of such pre-existing conditions to mention. These are the conditions that often cited pre-existing health conditions that the potential insured presents with. These pre-existing conditions are mostly recurring conditions. Irrespective of the severity of the condition, some of the insurance companies put all such prospective insured under the same category.

Healthcare coverage offered to the individuals with pre existing medical conditions

Don't think that getting health insurance coverage is not possible for you since you have been diagnosed or treated for any pre-existing medical condition earlier; prior to commencement of health insurance coverage. This is not completely true. There are some insurance companies that provide limited and specific types of coverage to such consumers. However, they do not always provide such coverage; they just provide such relaxation at times.

You may find that some popular health insurance companies include basic health insurance plans via individual health insurance companies, group health insurance plans though your employer, high risk health insurance pools and public assistance plans by your state. Though, some companies may provide coverage right now to individuals with a pre-existing condition, but they more likely to let the applicants keep waiting for a particular duration of time before providing coverage for their conditions; otherwise, will charge higher amount on premium to provide coverage.

As a conclusion, we can say that there are insurance companies that understand the importance of providing healthcare coverage to your pre-existing health conditions and find more ways to do it.

Health Insurance and Pre Existing Health Conditions

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