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 Health Insurance in Washington
Health Insurance in Washington

Washington health insurance

Health insurance plans are important for everybody. It is important for your financial planning and to ensure that your healthcare needs are maintained in the future. If you are a resident of Washington and are looking up your health insurance options in the state, we have all the information you need. On this page, we provide you with details on your options for private carriers as well as state sponsored health insurance plans.

Individual health insurance plans in Washington

There are a number of health insurance plans offered in the state of Washington. As a customer, it is your responsibility to find out which plan is suitable for you. Since medical underwriting is allowed in the state of Washington, the insurance carrier can always refuse your application for an insurance plan. A look back period of 6 months and an exclusionary period of 12 months are allowed for people with a pre existing condition. As an individual, you have an option between HMO, PPO or POS types of plans. Your premiums will of course depend on the benefits provided by the plan, the deductibles to be paid by you and other aspects like coinsurance, co payments and other charges you have to pay. However, when you are looking at a plan, try not to look at the cost aspect only. You should also consider the suitability of the covers being provided to you.

If you have eligibilities under HIPAA and are exercising them, you can get insurance from any of the carriers in the state. People who are unable to secure health insurance may get it from the state’s high risk pool.

Group health insurance in Washington

The rates determining group health insurance in Washington are based on the indexed rate, which is determined by the age, health and other factors of the group. If you have been without health coverage in the previous months, you may have to go through a look back period of 6 months and an exclusionary period of 12. The premiums you pay for a policy will depend on many factors-for instance the benefits provided by the plan and the portion of the costs paid by your employer.

Coverage under COBRA

Laws under the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1985 apply in the state of Washington. This law states that a company employing more than 20 people is obligated to continue covers for an employee who, for some reason, is no longer employed with the company. The covers should be extended to his family also.

Washington Medicaid plans

Medicaid plans are also offered in the state of Washington. Under this state and federal sponsored program, health insurance plans are offered to people who have a low income, are pregnant, disabled or residents of nursing homes. People qualifying for Medicare may also receive these plans if they meet certain income requirements.

Other plans

Washington also offers the CHIP plans, a health insurance plan for children. Under this program, health insurance is provided to children below the age of 19, provided they meet certain income criteria. They must also be residents of Washington and have a social security number. They must not be eligible under Medicaid and may not be blind, disabled or receiving health insurance through an employer.

Easy Quotes from the Top Washington Health Insurance Carriers

Our service is the most convenient way for you to secure a Washington health insurance quote for yourself. You will get quotes on health insurance from the top health insurance carriers. This includes- American Medical Security, American Family Insurance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Assurant Health, Fairmont Specialty Group, Celtic, Midwest Security, Golden Rule, Security Life and UNICARE and many more.

An easy, fast and free way to find Washington Health Insurance

Our process is very easy. The only thing you have to do is to fill in a simple form with your information, which will be kept confidential and will be used only to provide you with medical insurance quotes. As soon as you complete this form, you will receive instantaneous quotes from the top carriers. If you decide on a plan, you can even buy it online. We will also put you in touch with licensed local agents in your area who will assist you in every way before you can purchase a plan.

Health Insurance in Washington

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