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Health Insurance Sorted by Household

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 Health Insurance Sorted by Household
Health Insurance Sorted by Household

The health insurance options available to you vary greatly depending on the type of household you come from. If you are a married couple with kids, your healthcare options will be different from those of single parents or a married couple with no kids. Plans for widowers differ from those of divorcees. Likewise, same sex couples have separate health insurance issues. Go through the section below to understand the type of household you belong to. You can then find options suitable for you.

Kinds of households

  • Married couple with no kids
  • These couples may need comprehensive health insurance but do not need such options as child health plans or pre natal covers unless they are planning to have children in the future. Click on this link if you want more information on health plans for couples who do not have children.

  • New parents
  • People who have recently become parents need a policy which will provide them with prenatal covers and care for birthing. They should also make sure that their new child can be added to their family plans. Go to this page if you want to know more about policies for new parents.

  • Single parents
  • Parents who are bringing up their kids alone need a plan that will cover them and their children. This section gives you details on policies for single parents.

  • Same sex couples
  • Couples who belong to the same sex may face obstacles in getting family health plans because there are laws which restrict their marital status. This section will help you in knowing about your options when you are going for a health plan.

  • Individuals who are divorced
  • People who are divorced may need to re plan their health insurance because they no longer need family health plans. This section will give you details on how to go about choosing an alternative plan for yourself.

  • Widowers/widows
  • People also need to re plan their health insurance when their spouse passes on. They may need to shift to an individual plan from a family plan. Visit this section for help in making your decision on a change of plans or modifying your existing plans.

  • Green card holders
  • If you are a green card holder, your health insurance benefits will not be very different from those of permanent citizens. Visit this section to know about your health insurance options and the most suitable plans.

Health Insurance Sorted by Household

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