Individual Health Insurance Quotes

Individual Health Insurance Quotes

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A large number of Americans will be able to identify with a situation where the employer does not offer coverage to his employees through group insurance. Though most Americans are fortunate to be covered under group health policies, there are several others who do not have access to such an opportunity. It is for these people the insurance companies come up with individual health insurance. Despite the name it is not necessary that only a single individual can draw benefits from such plans. People who have to take care of dependents can also opt for individual health coverage as much as a large family with working members can.

Getting individual health insurance is not difficult as long as you have someone to guide you and take you through the intricacies. In this regard the best people to trust are insurance agents and brokers. Since they are experienced professionals they can help you go through a large variety of plans. Additionally, you can also have access to a number of quotes through a broker because of his working collaboration with numerous insurance companies. No matter which state you’re residing in, you’ll always find reliable agents. The best thing about getting assistance from a broker is you won’t have to pay him a fee. Since he is attached to the insurance company you’ll be getting your policy from, the latter will be responsible for the payment of his commission.

If you’re a newbie as far as individual insurance is concerned, you’ll need to know a few vital things. The very first thing is the fact that individual coverage is vastly different from group coverage. If you find certain “essential benefits” like maternity care is not a part of your insurance plan, do not be shocked. As a rule, group insurance policies cover a greater number of services at lesser cost. The case is quite the opposite with an individual plan, where the policyholder may even have to shell out quite an extra bit to avail those “essential benefits”. This extra cost a policyholder has to bear is known as an optional rider. Whereas in a group insurance policy the deductibles and co- pays are not much, in an individual insurance policy these costs can turn out to be overwhelming.

When you are applying for individual health coverage there are two things that you must take note of- the first is the premium rate and the second is the set of pre- existing conditions. Premium rates are usually dependant on the applicant’s medical records. Insurance companies come to a conclusion after an applicant’s medical history after he or she has filled out a detailed form. If it so happens that the company is not satisfied with the details, it will underwrite the claim neglecting certain necessary benefits. After the underwriting process gets over, the company will categorize into a rate class where you’ll be grouped with people suffering from similar conditions as you.

In case your medical history does not satisfy the company, they might consider one of your medical conditions as a pre- existing condition and you might have to undergo a waiting period for this before you start receiving the benefits.

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