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Individual Medical Insurance

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 Individual Medical Insurance
Individual Medical Insurance

For individuals who are not covered under any health insurance plans from their employer or from any other sources, the single choice for them to get insurance coverage is to purchase an Individual Medical Insurance plan. Rules and regulations for buying an Individual Medical Insurance plan may differ from state to state. Some states allow the insurance provider to refuse any potential customer who has a history of poor health or has been suffering from any chronic condition. On the other hand, some states need that the insurer should at least provide a nominal coverage program to every customer who seeks coverage (also known as “guaranteed issue” rule). Refer the below-mentioned points discussed elaborately and learn more about Individual Medical Insurance.

  • Individual Medical Insurance Considerations
  • Individual Medical Insurance Coverage Options
  • Individual Medical Insurance Expenses
  • Losing an Insurance

Individual Medical Insurance Considerations

Prior to buying an Individual Medical plan, it is necessary to think about some typical queries including how much does the monthly premium cost? Is there any deductible you should pay prior to the insurance coverage starts? Can you see any physician, clinic or hospital you wish, or will you be limited to a definite list of physicians? Can you consult the specialists? Will you get coverage for a catastrophic illness, an emergency or a chronic illness?

Individual Medical Insurance Coverage Options

The time you will have the idea of which type of coverage you are seeking, you will have so many choices available to you. Some insurers provide private as well as Individual Medical Insurance, but those may be costly, specifically if you are suffering from any long-term or pre-existing health condition. There are few number of government-run health programs that also provide coverage, but those are usually designed to help senior individuals, especially of retirement age (like Medicare).

Individual Medical Insurance Expenses

If buying a private health insurance plan from an insurer is very much costly, you will find some potential choices to think about. Majority of the insurance providers provide a wide array of health packages with various levels of coverage. If you think that you are capable of paying the costs of regular health check-ups and routine visit to a physician, you can opt for a less expensive insurance coverage package which will provide you with the expenses for hospitalization as well as severe and unexpected illnesses.

In addition to that, there are some institutes like alumni groups, worker's unions and trade organizations that may buy a group of Individual Medical Insurance plans at lower prices. In conclusion, there are some supposed “discount health plans” that provides an insured individual with access to the list of physicians and drug stores where they can by healthcare services and products at a wholesale price. However, you should remember that such plans do not provide any sort of insurance coverage and pay for any emergency illness or hospitalization.

Losing an Insurance

An additional choice for the individuals, who have lost their coverage because of losing job, is to temporarily extend the insurance program provided by their employer. However, there is COBRA that lets employers provide its terminated staffs with coverage for up to one and half years after the staff's last day at job. The reverse factor related to such temporary expansion of insurance coverage is that the employee has to pay much higher costs as monthly premium than he or she had been during his job with his or her previous employer.

Individual Medical Insurance

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