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Information about Medicare

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 Information about Medicare
Information about Medicare

Important Information about Medicare

There are certain important facts that you should know before enrolling into any Medicare plan.
For example: if you are suffering from End-Stage Renal disease or are disabled and under 65-years of age or are above 65, then you are qualified to register for Medicare health insurance program.

Here's how Medicare program works:

  • If you join Part A (referred as Hospital Insurance) plan, then some part from your income is set aside to pay premium for this cover.
  • If you are among those who have signed up for Part B (Medical Insurance) then understand, that you will have to pay monthly amount as a premium for Medicare cover.
  • Under Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Coverage, as well, you could be charged monthly premium.

In the recent past, Medicare has added some new plans that you can pick from and presently; the Original Medicare Plan along with Medicare Advantage Plans includes plans such as PPO, HMO Plans, Medicare Cost Plans, Prescription Drug Plans, Special Needs Plans and Private Fee-for-Service Plans.

Most common services and objects covered under Medicare plan are listed below:

  • Clinical trials, Chiropractic services, Ambulance and Emergency room services.
  • Diabetic supplies, Diabetic Self Management Training, Eyeglasses, Foot assessment and treatment, Hearing and balance tests.
  • Durable medical equipment, Kidney dialysis services and Long-term care.
  • Smoking cessation counseling, Telemedicine in certain rural areas, Mental health care, MRIs, CT scans, EKGs, Test-X-rays, surgical opinions and Surgical dressings.
  • Practitioner services, Prosthetic/orthotic items, Medical nutrition therapy services, Second surgical opinion etc. when needed by you.

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Information about Medicare

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