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Tackle Things Not Covered in Health Insurance Plans

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 Tackle Things Not Covered in Health Insurance Plans
Tackle Things Not Covered in Health Insurance Plans

Tackle Things Not Covered in Health Insurance Plans

Having a life insurance policy is a good thing however, paying for healthcare ranging from hospital care, durable medical supplies or group or private health insurance, is different matter altogether. But it doesn't have to be such a difficult task, all you've to do is research rates of treatment and services prior to surgery and negotiate with hospital and providers to lower your out-of-pocket costs.

For example, you are all set to undergo an elective surgery in few days time and everything is set for it. Your physician has already sent paperwork to be processed by the insurance company and that's when you find out about anesthesia being not covered in your plan. What'd you do in such scenario? You can call the hospital to enquire about how many in network anesthesiologists they will have on hand at the time when your surgery has been scheduled. If you figured that the person going to provide that service won't be covered by your policy, this is where the negotiations start.

You might not like negotiation part but it's necessity in today's world where tiered billing practices are increasing on regular basis. Based on these practices you can be charged anything from what a provider like Medicaid or Medicare might have to pay, to the price level of an uninsured patient, which might be substantially higher. Only good thing, charges aren't necessarily standardized, leaving room for discussion. Also, many hospitals are known to charge uninsured individuals more for services to make up for costs lost elsewhere in their operations. Only previous knowledge about your plan, what it covers and what you are being charged will help you.

Since knowledge is power, start reading your insurance plan; be it group, government or private health plan, carefully. Afterwards call your physician and find out about surgery-related costs patients are expected to cover. Costs might include consultation with out-of-network specialists (whose fees are also negotiable), pathology, blood transfusion and radiology (x-rays). Then, starting with the finance department, call the hospital and ask them which service providers operate outside of your network, and get ready for negotiations.

Openly let them know what you can pay and how much your insurance plan will cover. Hospitals these days have made their pricing policies transparent and prices are posted on hospital's Web site or readily available for consumer perusal. Keep in mind that the hospitals offering such practices also only guarantee the prices from the date of printing (or publishing). But all this information can give you rough idea of cost you are dealing with.

Tackle Things Not Covered in Health Insurance Plans

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