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How to Compare Long Term Care Plans

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 How to Compare Long Term Care Plans
How to Compare Long Term Care Plans

How to Compare Long Term Care Plans

Whenever you buy something very essential and expensive, you do compare the prices and quality at different places. So should it be with long term care insurance policies. Even if a particular plan seems good to you, a comparison is necessary before deciding upon the plan you will eventually buy. For doing this you have to take care that you are comparing plans which are more or less alike and points of comparison are same. The following points will help to guide you in your comparative research.

Points to Compare Long Term Care Plans

  • Deductible period
  • This is the period after which the insurance company actually starts giving its benefits. This affects the premium rates also. So you should find out about this feature and get the respective rates based on that.

  • Existing medical conditions
  • Insurance companies differ from each other in their policies regarding existing medical conditions of the applicant. Their rates also vary accordingly. Hence you need to know the stance of the company on this issue and how it affects the premium rates.

  • Special discounts
  • Some companies offer discounts on rates when you apply jointly with your spouse. Find out about this option.

  • Existing customer
  • This is another way of negotiating a discount on the rates. If you are an existing customer of the insurance company, that is, you have taken a separate insurance policy from the same company; you may be eligible for a discount. You should ask about this when you are researching the offers of the companies.

This comparison will take time and some effort, but it will help to get you good rates and benefits. You are taking the provision of long term care for an emergency situation. You should definitely do the research and evaluation of different plans before taking the vital decision about which one to buy.

How to Compare Long Term Care Plans

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