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Provision for Long Term Care

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 Provision for Long Term Care
Provision for Long Term Care

Provision for Long Term Care

With growing age a palpable reality starts looming in the distance Ė the possibility of requiring long term care. As it is senior people need more medical attention but sometimes the situation may arise where the ailment is incurable and there is need for continuous medical attention.

Providing constant medical assistance for an extended period in a situation where there is little chance of recovery is called long term care. The patient has to be kept under medical supervision all the time and needs help with the basic everyday functions. This care system can either be set up at home or at special facilities for taking care of such patients.

Long Term Care at Home

The simplest kind of long term care at home is given by the family members or friends of the patients. The family members take up the responsibility of providing constant assistance to the patient in his own home. In some cases, a professionally trained person can also be hired to take care of the patient while remaining at home.

Long Term Care at a Facility

While it is best for the patient to remain at home as long as it is possible, the costs for maintaining the support system can become very high. Depending on the condition of the patient, he or she may have to be shifted to a facility which provides assistance for everyday living or to a specialized nursing facility for complete medical monitoring.

As the population of senior citizens is rising, the requirement for long term is also rising. This need will go up significantly higher in the near future. The cause for concern is the fact that medical insurance plans donít generally cover long term care. The government assisted health insurance program Medicare provides coverage for long term but only after certain criteria are met and also for a certain period of time. The other government health insurance programs like Medicaid and Veteranís Administration are subject to availability of funds. Shortage of funds leads to compromise in quality.

The possibility for the need for long term care is real so it is best to be prepared for it and arrange the provisions to bear the costs if required. A person can buy a separate policy for long term care coverage apart from his regular medical insurance plan. In the event of the unfortunate need for this kind of care the patient can manage to bear the costs by himself and do not have to depend on others. Ideally this kind of a policy should be purchased around the age of 40 years.

It may be slightly difficult for everyone to pay for a parallel long term care policy along with a regular health insurance policy. But keeping the provision ready if possible can ensure good quality care without the financial pressure during the last days of his life.

Provision for Long Term Care

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