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Medicare Advantage Plans

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 Medicare Advantage Plans
Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage Plans are plans dealing with Medicare Part C and are provided by private insurers covering doctor visits and hospital stays. These Part C plans basically substitute the original Medicare coverage in Parts A and B. costs for Medicare Advantage are typically lower than Medigap policies. However, you are likely to face higher overall medical costs when you frequent healthcare facilities too often. You can only visit doctors and healthcare facilities belonging to your planís network.

Amongst the more common Medicare Advantage Plans are the PPOs or Preferred Provider Organizations and the HMOs or Health Maintenance Organizations. These plans, similar to healthcare plans offered by most employers, basically limit your use of doctors and facilities to your designated network. You can however access doctors or hospitals beyond your network in exchange for a higher price. Medicare Advantage Plans help to support preventive care. You therefore pay deductibles and co-pays which you share in costs of any services you may use. Most of these include benefits so far not covered in Medicare Parts A and B. These include benefits like prescription drug coverage and other additional benefits like dental benefits, health club memberships and vision benefits.

These programs are area specific and you need to find out whether your preferred doctors accept your Medicare Advantage Plan before you buy it. Moreover, when you spend more time outside this network area, you should inquire about how your healthcare coverage will be handled by the insurer.

Reasons to invest in Medicare Advantage Plans:

  • You want just one plan for your needs and are not affected by its limited network-only coverage.
  • Lower premiums and sharing of service costs vis-ŗ-vis deductibles and co-pays.
  • The plan is similar to the existing healthcare coverage you enjoy under your employer.

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Medicare Advantage Plans

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