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 PacificSource Health Insurance
PacificSource Health Insurance

Compare PacificSource Health Insurance

It is quite obvious on your part to get confused when it comes to choosing the best medical insurance policy. With us, you can obtain comprehensive quotes for PacificSource Health Plans's medical insurance plans.

What Important Details to take A Note of?

Being a non-profit health program, the insurance carrier is dedicated in delivering medical insurance services to individuals and businesses across Northwest. They have about 77 years of experience in this domain and largely focus on establishing community as well as personal relations. It serves as a base to over 280,000 individual enrollees and 6200 group insurance enrollees. The insurance provider also carves a niche for its extensive channel and provides members coverage in US and abroad. Nearly 34,000 medical practitioners are associated with this insurance carrier. The carrier works hard to cater to the medical insurance needs of families and individuals alike. It can help you with comprehensive medical coverages, short term policies and Medicare supplemental programs.

PacificSource: Taking A Note of Its History

The insurance carrier was introduced in the year 1933 by a team of 21 doctors. However, by 2010, as a result of various acquisitions and merges, it has turned out to be a prominent figure in the medical insurance provider industry. In fact, in the same year, the insurance carrier had also stepped into the Medicare as well as Medicaid markets after taking over on Clear One Health Plans, Inc.

Identifying the Products and Plans Offered at PacificSource

PacificSource can help you with multiple individual and group medical insurance products which are as follows:

  • Point-of-Service (POS) plan
  • Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs) plan
  • Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs) plan

The medical insurance plan can be accessed by the residents of Idaho, Oregon, and Montana. It also comes with different programs which have been designed using different coinsurance amounts, co-pays and deductibles. You can also access solutions and coverages for large and small groups. Additionally, you may also get access to employer-aided programs, which include dental, medical, vision and prescription drug benefits.

PacificSource Community Engagement

The insurance carrier largely aims at playing a viable role in providing improved care to patients. Besides, they also wish to create an optimistic impact on the served communities. With the help of their Community Health Excellent (CHE) plan, they happily make volunteer and financial contributions, via local medical initiatives to the residing people, irrespective of their medical insurance status. For 2010-11, the company has been funding 16 medical care initiatives, which take into consideration enhancements in treating and identifying problems like strokes, cancer, as well as cardiac problems. Besides, they are also engaged in enhancing immunization rates in early childhood as well as medication compliance. In short, these are only a couple of ways in which the insurance carrier serves its communities.

An appropriate insurance coverage is certainly a boon that serves your needs. Hence, make sure to take the right decision and go in for a coverage that adheres to your needs and helps you with the perfect solutions.

PacificSource Health Insurance

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