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 Physicians Plus Health Insurance
Physicians Plus Health Insurance

An Overview on Physicians Plus Health Plans

Started the journey in late 80s, Physicians Plus is a nationwide provider of medical insurance. It is a reputed organization that offers managed care services especially in Wisconsin (WI). The company offers basic, specialized as well as hospice care via a team of over 3100 physicians and other healthcare experts. The company belongs to Meriter Health Services and boasts an assemblage of local physicians that cater more than 120,000 customers from south central region of WI.

Physicians Plus Healthcare Plans

The company offers a wide range of healthcare plans and policies to retired people, self-employed individuals, recent college pass-outs along with individual persons and family units.

Most of the plans from this company boast 2 to 3 tiered co-payment options. The healthcare plans may comprise PPOs, HMOs , POSs and HSAs combined with high-deductible health plans.

HMO plan members are needed to select a primary care provider who would offer general health management along with recommendations for specialized care.

The company offers trouble-free access to essential healthcare services to the WI dwellers through more than 20 hospices included in its network.

Physicians Plus Wellbeing Program

The company offers people special discounts as well as incentive for leading a healthy life through money reimbursement offered by the company to its fitness facility clients as well as clients of other wellbeing programs such as weight watchers.

Clients can also contact personal healthcare trainers through Internet. They can get access to online health evaluation, tips of lifestyle betterments etc. through the company’s online resources.

Commitments to The Community

Along with the members, the company is also dedicated and concerned about the whole community. Since last 2 decades, the company’s representatives have been serving voluntarily local businesses that serve local people.


The company received WECOA award in the year 2009 and Wisconsin Forward award in the year preceding that.

Physicians Plus Health Insurance

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