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Plans under Medicare

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 Plans under Medicare
Plans under Medicare

Plans under Medicare

When a person reaches the eligible age to qualify for Medicare, he or she can get themselves enrolled into the Medicare program. However there are several plans available under Medicare with different specifications. Therefore it is important to understand the plans and their nuances clearly before deciding upon the right insurance policy.

A person opting for a Medicare plan ideally should take into consideration the following factors while choosing the plan.

  • The coverages offered by the plan
  • The healthcare providers who accept the plan
  • The proximity of the healthcare providers who accept the plan
  • The additional expenses associated with the plan
  • Any other special provisions needed

Plans under Medicare

The plan originally introduced by Medicare was called the fee-for-service plan. It offers a lot of freedom to the members by giving them the option to decide their choice of health care providers. The members have to make sure that their choice of doctors or hospitals accept their Medicare plan. Apart from this basic plan Medicare also offers other plans which can be used in combination with the original plan. These are

  • PACE (Programs of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly)
  • Medicare PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plans
  • Medicare HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) Plans
  • Medicare Special Need Plans
  • Medicare PFFS (Private Fee-for-Service) Plans

It is not advisable to make changes in plans or health insurance policies if a person is already under the coverage of a particular plan. In order to make the right choice of plan the best thing to do is to go over all the fine details of the plan or take the advice of Medicare representatives by contacting them.

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Plans under Medicare

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