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 PreferredOne Health Insurance
PreferredOne Health Insurance

PreferredOne Insurance Plans

PreferredOne Insurance caters people of Minnesota (MN) as well as the Upper Midwest for over 2 decades with its insurance services. Started the journey in early 80s, the company presently has a customer base of over 200,000.

It provides the people of MN have a wide array of medical insurance options to select; for example, high-deductible plans which provide absolute affordability as well as several deductible levels and reasonably priced temporary medical insurance that provides provisional health coverage.

The Company

Headquartered in MN, the company possesses over three hundred workers. It not only offers best quality coverage to its customers, but also offers administration to almost 1500 companies.

The network of the company includes almost 20,000 doctors, 8500 PCPs and 9600 experts. Along with enormous pharmacies, over 250 hospices and a nationwide PPO network are also parts of the company’s network.

Why PreferredOne

The company offers its members the flexibility and freedom of selecting and personalizing their coverage as per individual need and budget. The company’s internal system and efficient staffs help members get such opportunities by taking care of their specific requirements. The employees also help the customers by processing claims at the earliest possible.

The company has a wide array of medical insurance policies and plans for not only the individuals, but also for groups and family units. Such health plans may include self insured or completely insured medical programs, free access to PCPs and conventional plans.


The company is certified by URAC and the employees are trained according to its procedures and policies.

A.M.Best has given the company a ‘B++’ for its financial robustness. It has given a credit rating of ‘bbb’ to the company as well as its affiliate PCHP.

PreferredOne Health Insurance

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