Private Health Insurance Quotes

Private Health Insurance Quotes

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When you are on your own, you realize that reality bites. You need to pay for a lot more to even enjoy the minimum of covers. Get ready for steep monthly premiums, higher co payments and much more. That explains why about 50 million Americans under age 65 went without coverage for at least 6 months. But donít despair! An informed choice will take care of most of your problems.

Private insurance in most states is determined by your age, weight, smoking status etc. You may have to go in for a medical exam. There are state wise differences in covers. For example, in New York and Vermont, coverage must be offered to all, irrespective of age or health. This may sometimes lead to exorbitant premiums. In other states, the insurers might just refuse coverage for older or vulnerable groups.

If you can, go for coverage under COBRA. Try to keep your employerís cover for at least 18 months. In the meanwhile, start looking around. Go online and look up plans, talk to agents or call the companies. Make sure you find someone who represents and understands a lot of companies and their plans. Also try to find out whether you can get group coverage under any professional group you might belong to. Itís cheaper that way.

An average individual plan might set you back by $218 to $2613 a month. You can reduce your premiums by increasing your deductibles and skipping vision and dental covers.

Read the blueprint before making a decision. Go for reputed concerns. Find out its claim paying rates. It may not be very easy, but itís very important. What can be more important than your health?

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