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 Providence Health Insurance
Providence Health Insurance

Providence Health Plans

Providence Health Plans (Providence) offers health insurance solution in southwest part of Washington as well as Oregon (OR). The company started its business almost 160 years back as Sisters of Providence, Canada. Now, the company provides its services and products to more than 350,000 customers including over 34,000 Medicaid customers and over 51,000 Medicare customers.

History of Providence

Started the journey in 1984, PHP belongs to Providence Health and Services. The company provides medical insurance goods to organizations, Medicaid and Medicare beneficiaries as well as family units and persons. To cope with the changing requirements and attitude of people, the company has shifted from a HMO model to a PPO model. It helps them offer the customers more facilities, flexibility and independence in selecting required healthcare products.

Recognition to Providence

The customers of the company claim that they get much better customer care from this company while compared to other OR-based health insurers as furnished in the report of a survey conducted by National Committee for Quality Assurance in the year 2009. Moreover, PHP is known for offering awesome healthcare coverage which includes disease management and environment stewardships.

Providence Healthcare Solutions

The company offers healthcare policies to persons, family units, group of people, organizations, employees of Oregon (OR) state government, senior citizens and school faculties in OR. The plans from the company feature:

  • Emergency medical services across the globe, 24-hour healthcare guidance, wellness plans for the Medicare beneficiaries;
  • Reasonably priced and flexible group policies that are especially created to help the employers as well as the employees save dollars;
  • Inexpensive individual medical policies that are great for people while they are between two jobs. These are also great for the early retirees, students and self-employed people;
  • Comparatively low co-pays and no deductible for regular medical checkups;
  • No referral is needed for visiting specialists for the teachers and employees.

Providence Health Insurance

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