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Get Term Life Insurance without Medical Exam

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 Get Term Life Insurance without Medical Exam
Get Term Life Insurance without Medical Exam

Get Term Life Insurance without Medical Exam

When you apply for a life insurance policy, term or whole, you are required to go through a medical exam. The insurance company wants to know your health condition and ascertain the risks associated with you. On the basis of your health condition, the insurance company underwrites the policy or may even deny your application if you are already suffering from a serious medical condition.

There is an option where it is possible to get a term life insurance policy by forgoing the medical tests. The reasons why some people prefer this option is as follows

  • Faster and Simpler Process
  • The medical exam process involves a lot of time. The medical tests have to be taken by the applicant, the results have to be sent to the insurance company, the paperwork has to done and then the policy will be prepared based on that. In case, the individual is in a hurry to get the policy, he can opt for a life insurance policy without a medical exam. While the process with medical exam can take up to 6 weeks for the policy to get activated, the no exam policy can start in about two days.

  • Guarantee of Insurance Policy
  • Many insurance companies will not accept the applications of people with pre-existing medical conditions. It is more risky and less beneficial for the insurance company to cover an individual with serious health conditions. Hence they reject their applications altogether. In this situation, you can get a term life insurance policy by bypassing the medical tests. Without the health check up, the insurance company will not know about the already present medical problems and the applicant will get life insurance irrespective of his medical condition.

However you should be aware that you have to pay some extra in order to get this privilege of not going through a health exam. The insurance company issues the policy without an assessment of your health thereby increasing its own risks of payouts. So it charges a higher premium for covering its risks. However this is a good option for people with pre-existing conditions or who are short of time because otherwise they would not get a policy through the regular process.

Get Term Life Insurance without Medical Exam

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