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Senior Insurance Plans

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 Senior Insurance Plans
Senior Insurance Plans

These days, a lot of people are seen buying healthcare insurance sponsored by the employer otherwise they are going for an individual health care insurance. But a senior should always go for supplemental health care insurance that is affordable to them. Supplemental health care insurance helps you by paying the amount that cannot be paid by other regular health care insurances.

Seniors are not so able to earn regularly or may be they are not in a regular job. This becomes a great problem to them. In this case, a seniorís health insurance plan in regular basis becomes unable to cover a major part of health care services. Seniors can hardly pay for the gap created between the portion covered and the portion uncovered. Few seniors can afford to fill up the gap created but most of the seniors fail to cover the gap; in this situation, an affordable supplemental health care plan gives them a good result.

The coverage type available with an insurance company depends upon the insurance companies from where you buy the plans. Some plans on supplemental health care insurance cover pre-existing conditions that are found widespread among seniors. And some of them offer compensation for lost income and cash benefits.

So it will be wise for the seniors to go for an affordable supplemental health plan who are having Medicare because this plan dose not cover the costs of prescription medication, long term health care, facility of care provided at home or nursing home.

According to Gerry Smolka, a spoke person of AARP, it is very important to have supplemental health care with Medicare benefits.

Supplemental health insurance is created to supplement Medicareís benefit. It is also known as Medigap. Medigap helps to pay some of the health care services that cannot be covered by Medicare. All or some of the co insurance costs and Medicare deductibles are met by Medigap policies. Some time Medigap policy helps to provide extra coverage for areas that Medicare part A and B do not attend.

There are a lot of supplemental plans; some of them are as follows,

  • Emergency Recovery Insurance:

    This policy provides benefit to the out patient treatment for covered conditions (in patient hospitalization, intensive care, out patient surgery, emergency room treatment, recovery care).

  • Long Term Care Insurance:

    This plan meets the cost of a lot of long term care issues like home health care, assisted-living facilities, nursing home care and other custodial cares.

  • Dental Insurance:

    This plan provides coverage to al the expenses related to dental treatment such as dental related issues like dental care, dental treatment, Dental X-Rays.

  • Vision Insurance:

    This Insurance gives coverage to eyeglasses, visit to optometrists, contact lenses, and eye care products.

  • Critical Condition Insurance:

    This Plan helps to meet the out of pocket expenses after a sudden illness, heart attack, heart surgery, cancer episode and etcs.

  • Income Protection:

    It helps you providing with income if you become disabled. It also helps you with daily benefits if you are hospitalized for an illness that is covered.

  • Medicare Supplement Insurance::

    This insurance is specially designed for those older people above the age of 65 participating under Medicare plan. A lot of plans are there designed to cover the Medigap.

  • Cancer Insurance:

    This plan helps to give coverage to the expenses related to the cancer treatment like chemotherapy, cancer surgery, radiation and anesthesia.

Supplemental Insurance, as the name suggests, is supplement to the normal insurance. This insurance covers the amount that is not covered by the normal Insurance. For example, if you are suffering from cancer type of disease, the deductible could be around $900 to $1000 which is far better than not having such insurance policies. But you can get at least some amount of the deductible from the supplemental cancer policy, beside you can get allowances for rent, normal utility and expenses that occurred during the time you did not work.

Mostly the supplemental insurance is sold through an employer for extra benefit but you can buy it directly from companies like AFLAC. Generally cash benefits are given by other plans for number of particular reasons but AFLAC provides cash benefits for the people who are out of job due to illness or any other health hazards.

Generally hospital indemnity plan provides cash benefits for the services under coverage like outpatient services, emergencies, hospital stays. Supplemental medical plan gives fixed cash benefit for the covered preventive medical care services. For the cancer sufferers, supplemental cancer plans are there to give direct cash for the treatment and related expenses to the policy holders. A policy holder suffering from illness or any critical condition like heart attack, heart surgeries, stroke are helped by this policy with lump sum amount to pay for out of pocket expenses.

As shown by the statistics, unexpectedly disability can lead a family to a financial devastation. Disability income protection help to pay the bills by providing a monthly benefit that protects against sudden lost in income. The policy holders of long term care insurance can deal with the high cost arises in long term care including medical home care, assisted living facilities, adult day care and many more. The person wants to be fit and fine both mentally and physically should look for supplemental health insurance policy.

Senior Insurance Plans

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