Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

Short Term Health Insurance Quotes

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Are you between jobs? Have you just passed out of school and preparing for college? Or have you just graduated? If your answer is a yea, then thereís some good news for you. Youíre eligible for short- term health insurance. And the best thing about this kind of insurance is that most individuals find it affordable. The cost of health care in the United States has escalated tremendously in the past decade and insurance companies have managed to come up with plans to cut costs. Most short- term health insurance plans are part of this league and are being availed by millions of Americans today.

If you think you may be eligible for short- term health insurance you first need to know the basics about this kind of health insurance. For one, short- term plans are most appropriate for people who are not suffering from serious health condition. In most cases, there are no pre- existing conditions though coverage usually does not exceed a time period of 36 months. In certain exceptional cases, coverage period may also be lesser than 12 months. The very fact that pre- existing conditions do not come as part and parcel of these plans, acts as the pointer towards to low premiums that these plans demand. Usually under pre- existing conditions a patient needs to state whether he suffered from any health condition prior to the health coverage period.

The next important thing that you need to know is how short- term health insurance coverage works. Short- term health plans are much like traditional indemnity plans where members get the opportunity to refer to professionals from an extensive provider network. The only difference between the two is that if one has to apply for short- term coverage he or she has to abide by certain pre- certification rules. The pre- certification clauses pertain to a memberís understanding with the given provider network. If you fail to meet up to these essentials your coverage may fail you when it comes to making major medical expenses.

After you have decided you want a short- term health insurance plan for coverage, start making plan comparisons so that you get to assess the quotes all at once. While comparing if you find most of the short- term plan options are inclusive of special conditions donít be surprised. Undoubtedly, youíll get benefits like prescription drugs, emergency care services and treatment pertaining to mental health and substance abuse, but all of them will come tagged with Ďspecial conditionsí.

The reason why most people opt for short- term health insurance is simple- the cost is low and the intricacies involved are not so vast. But these same advantages have a flipside as well. In order to cut costs considerably, most insurers leave out a bunch of benefits from the preventive care category. So even if you are required to avail immunizations and physical examinations, they wonít be available under a short- term health insurance plan.

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